What's better than coffee?

John Taylor: July 02, 20070 Comments

The line at Starbucks was nearly out the door. Now I sit with coffee gone-cold, seeking to outlast the weather which, at last meteorologic soothsaying, is supposed to furnace to 112 this week.

Time to borrow some wisdom.

  • "We're undoubtedly the most narcissistic generation this country has seen," AARP strategist Darry Sragow, explaining to the Los Angeles Times why he expects that Baby Boomers will force health care reform to occur in Sacramento. (BTW, the bill to watch is AB 8, a blending of proposals from two Democrats. More information, http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/bilinfo.html )

  • "With the obesity epidemic ... the hospitals should realize that they're going to have to get equipment that services our needs," said Frances White, treasurer of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, in a San Francisco Chronicle story about how most Bay hospitals don't have imaging machines that can accommodate the morbidly obese.

  • "King-Harbor is on life-supports, and has been for years. The disease is a cancerous culture, and one more course of chemo won't help. It is time to orchestrate a 'good death' -- to focus on healing the community and making plans to care for the patients of South L.A. once this hospital is gone."  From an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by Robert M. Watcher, author and UCSF professor of medicine.

  • "California has more than enough lawyers and plenty of public and private law schools to supply whatever we may need in the future, but (the University of California) wants to spend many millions to build a new law school in Irvine. Meanwhile, we have a growing shortage of nurses and desperately need more investment in nursing education to alleviate the shortfall."  From Sacramento-based political columnist Dan Walters, in the Fresno Bee.

Blog-ender: Red and white wine apparently combat the bacteria that cause cavities, according to research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Red seems to outperform white, but the report says more testing is needed.  Apparently the benefits occur even when alcohol is removed from the wine -- no word on whether that approach will evaporate the pool of willing testers.