Swimming in the mosh pit

John Taylor: February 07, 20070 Comments

I just Googled "health care reform" and came up with 21.3 million hits. (What's a word worth? When I jammed together "healthcare," I only got 2.2 million hits.)

There are 20 or so people running or nearly running for the presidency.  (But if they don't have their own health care reform plan, pollsters say they may as well stay home and defrag their disk drives.)

While Community Medical Centers is undertaking this modestly historic event in April known as "the transition," politicians in Sacramento and Washington are seeking to cut millions in health funding, increase unfunded mandates, heighten patient privacy protections, make medical records fit on a computer chip, publicize pricing of medical procedures and so on. (For safety net hospitals, some of these changes are good news, some are new variations of the not-yet-on-IPod tune "Do more, do more with less. We will, we will watch you!")

I play the role of "translator/facilitator" in this long-running melodrama, under the guise of "director of public affairs."  If you need some help in cutting through the political spam, need a presentation or want a better understanding of how Community addresses the political challenges as the region's largest provider of health services, gimme a holler. If I don't have an answer or clarity to offer, I'll be happy to point your cursor (or curser) to another source.