Sound off -- and you do!

John Taylor: February 17, 20070 Comments

Why don't hospitals crack down on patients -- and employees -- who smoke outside their facilities and especially outside the designated smoking areas?  That question has surfaced after my blog posting about Kaiser eliminating smoking at its Sacramento campuses, including at previously designated areas.

On a list of problems, I know it's on the list.  We have a lot of key to-do's that aren't being "to-done" -- there are state laws, municipal and health code regulations on everything from wearing helmets while bicycling, to spitting (sorry, expectorating) in public, to when you can/can't have a headset jammed in your ears while cycling or jogging.  Look at the eternal graffiti.

But, hey, don't stop complaining.

And, why do hospitals -- who now have to buy extra large beds or possibly deploy "lift teams" for weighty patients (not to mention create dialysis centers and cath labs) -- still sell cheeseburgers, partially hydrogenated chips and all manner of heart-clogging and diabetes-assisting foods and beverages?  We are our culture -- trans-fat enablers and trans-fat medicators.

Thanks for voicing your concerns. I share them with hospital leadership and with elected officials who might be able to assist.  Keep 'em comin'.