Something good, and 10 things bad

John Taylor: December 17, 20070 Comments

Kudos to the Fresno Bee for its "Fighting for Air" special section on Dec. 16, a look at how little has been accomplished in the five years since the Bee last examined Valley air pollution.

I read the section after my morning hit on the asthma inhaler and a hot shower to unlock my lungs. It made me think of 10 things I intensely dislike when it comes to breathing the poison that was barely there when I came to the Valley in 1981, without asthma.

I dislike:

  • That I know so many people in the Bee's stories, talented people who've been forced to flee the Valley.

  • Gas-powered leaf blowers (actually, all leaf blowers) and the dust they whirl into my nasal passages.

  • Fireplace abusers (the law-breaking stink will worsen when some fools burn their Christmas package wrappings).

  • Waking up every morning and coughing and sneezing, and holding my breath as I crack open the door looking for my newspapers.

  • Sunsets (how creepy is that? Beauty has become synonymous with pollution).

  • Windy days when it doesn't rain.

  • Unsynchronized traffic lights (we've got as many of them, it seems, as prison inmates).

  • Drive-thru's.

  • That the Valley is being defined by recycling containers that people don't use, manure pits and gravel mines (check out and think about contacting the Fresno County Board of Supervisors).

  • And lastly, that air pollution has led me to describe the Valley to friends on the East Coast as "worse than LA."

(Here's the link to the Fresno Bee project.... )