The sense in nonsense

John Taylor: January 28, 20080 Comments

Now it all makes sense, why very little is accomplished in Congress or state legislatures. Consider these:

  • Why can't Congress and the President seemingly ever agree and smoothly push through an important bill? Hill watchers proclaim: They lack a working relationship. What happened to the old 5/10? Smile and make eye contact at 10 feet and exchange a pleasantry at five feet? (And remember, a mere several decades ago, bachelor lawmakers would regularly dine at households of married lawmakers of the other party -- food, chat, collaboration anyone?)

  • Buzz phrase, No. 1 in the California health care reform debate: "Status quo is not an option." (See item above. Status quo is close to the Bible.)

  • Buzz phrase, No. 2: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." (Now that certainly would win debating points, right?)

  • Final buzzer for today, from a San Jose Mercury News interview with State Sen. Darrell Steinberg on health reform: "the potato is in our lap, without much time to negotiate."