Rubik's Cube "made easy"

John Taylor: January 22, 20070 Comments

Hard to dodge the pandemonium. Just about every politician, insurer and social activist has made a headline recently with ideas to solve the nation's Rubik's Cube of a costly, yet inadequate health care system.

Those of us who track the debate are sometimes asked what it all means and where it's all headed.  First off, this widespread airing of views and ersatz coalition-building is good and much needed.  Whether it resolves anything -- as a whole or incrementally -- is another matter. Sometimes, do-gooders and headline seekers simply talk themselves -- and the issue -- to exhaustion. The public stops paying attention -- although the paying for health care has only just begun, as assessors of the Baby Boom Generation remind us.

More importantly at the moment, there is very little "fine print" to be found -- initial legislation that spells out cost-to-benefit ratios, who'll get better coverage and who'll pay more has largely yet to be figured out, let alone be put in written form.

But here are some Web sites that I find helpful in tracking the latest health-care legislation and its potential impact:

This only scratches the surface as to what thoughtful assessments are available on the Web, but considering that so much of what's made the news is scant on details, it may be helpful to get familiar with these sites.  Because, at some point, the pandemonium will be sorted through and your knowledgeable input will be valuable to decision-makers.