Phone medical aps: Why?

John Taylor: June 15, 20131 Comments

It’s amazing how quickly your Iphone can fill up with apps. But working in healthcare, what are the useful ones – and what ones do you actually use?

I have about 40 apps on my phone. I know that’s small potatoes. And most are pretty vanilla – FaceBook, Twitter, NPR, various sports, news and weather sites, Pandora and a couple of flashlight aps. But only four are health related – and only one (California Healthline, an app from the California HealthCare Foundation) that I’ve actually used.

I have Epocrates, iTriage and MyFitnessPal.  But I’ve never established an account with them. At some point, they must have seemed a good idea but….

What am I missing? Am I missing anything? Maybe I’ll feel different when I can eventually access my medical records online. Maybe.

One response to Phone medical aps: Why?

DynaMed and MedSpanish! The

DynaMed and MedSpanish! The Spanish app has been a lifesaver for me multiple times...and not only does it give you words, phrases, and sentences with translation but you can play a recording of the translation to get the right pronunciation.

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