Passion? Yep, our staff's got it

John Taylor: August 10, 20121 Comments

Flip charts… white wipe boards… Magic Markers…. Timers… The tired old ingredients for brainstorming meetings. But when you blend in some passion and personal chemistry -- voila!


Artist Christopher Fuller and facilitator Joel Fadem

Take Group Four, which I’ll fondly remember from my brief visit to the August 7 afternoon session of Community Medical Centers’ Employer of Choice Decision Accelerator event.

Group Four, who will present your findings? The call came from facilitator Joel Fadem as graphic artist Christopher Fuller tried to capture in colorful headlines and images what Community employees were saying.

Group Four, the call came again.

Public speaking either bursts from your personality like a Roman candle or has to be hammered loose like a lid stuck on a spaghetti sauce jar. A young lady mustered up in front of about 100 people.

The topic was the culture at Community, and teams looked at it from corporate-wide, facility- and department-specific viewpoints. The young lady tried mightily to convey what her group came up with, but tongue and thoughts got knotted up translating what had been written on the board.

When hiccups like that occur, facilitators often nudge, josh or otherwise encourage. But this time, events took a twist. Spontaneously, one by one, members of her group left their seats and joined her at the white board of ideas. Each of them added some perspective from their discussions.

Call it what you will. Team spirit. Solidarity. We’re all in this together. We’re here for a purpose – to make what’s good better, but not just to spend time and spin wheels. We are 6,000 but we are one.

For my couple of hours. I came away impressed with the depth of commitment of Community staff to improve their workplace, the care of patients, the regard in which they’re held by the public. I can’t wait to see how our leadership teams evaluate their ideas and put them to use.  Kudos to all the “accelerants”!

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thank you for the blog..this

thank you for the blog..this "oneness" is truly what I know and believe. There is such enormous power in the human spirit, and I am most honored I celebrate my oneness as a nurse with Community~

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