No normal way to redesign the 'box'

John Taylor: July 09, 20070 Comments

I read plenty about health care reform. Occasionally, a phrase will surprise. But outrage has generally worn out its, well, outrageousness. So, when I see sustained bursts of creativity, forays into risk-taking and fist-in-the-face verbal challenges to our high-fructose, low-thinking culture, I stop and re-read -- and now pass along.

I strongly suggest you visit Dr. Richard L. Reece's blog at

I first spoke with Dr. Reece in 2002 as he was preparing to interview Dr. J. Philip Hinton, then-CEO of Community Medical Centers for The Quality Indicator, a physicians newsletter.  He's based in Old Saybrook, Conn. Maybe that helps with his creativity (speaking, as I am from a point of salt-spray envy, as a former short-term resident of low-rent dives in Hartford and Groton, Conn.)

Blogs are an electronic snapshot of time. Enjoy your reading of Reece's current work, but be sure to stop by his blogs on six innovations to cut costs, raise productivity and extend coverage, as well as his July 4th blog.

Let me know what you think.