The move: No more question marks

John Taylor: April 16, 20070 Comments

You ever gonna design/build/open that thing?  How do we know we can trust you?  What now? When will it? How much? How come?

Those are a few of my favorites from 10+ years of questioning (aka doubting) about Community Medical Centers' enormous commitment to create the Community Regional Medical Center and to move over acute care services from University Medical Center.

"Digging into the Future." "A Riveting Mission." "Beaming with Pride." -- a handful of headlines along the way that somehow made the Valley's largest health care provider sound like "the little engine that could."

There will always be questions -- like, why can't the richest country in the world provide affordable insurance for everyone?  But when it comes to "the move" -- the questions have been answered.  Persistence, incredibly hard work, professionalism and passion for the mission have paid off.

And there's nothing wrong about feeling good!