Doody-full politicians

John Taylor: January 18, 20080 Comments

I remember having breakfast in Sacramento some years back, with then -Assembly Speaker Willie Brown at the table across from me. About every third word in his conversation included the F-bomb.

Politics, like football in the rain, gets pretty mucky. Which reminds me of a Steve Wiegand column in today's Sacramento Bee about an oddity that speaks volumes about the people we elect (and pay about $116,000 a year, plus more than $160 a day for expenses while they're "in session").

It seems Assemblyman (and former congressman and lieutenant governor) Mervyn Dymally had gutted, rewritten and was trying to ram through AB 311, to regulate (ahem) California's colon hydrotherapy industry. According to columnist Wiegand, it's apparently OK for anyone to offer this procedure but only the (ahem) recipient can activate the device.

So, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy convinced Dymally of the need to create a board to oversee licensing and training standards. However, there was some bad blood on the Assembly committee and the bill went down the tubes.

Way to go.