Dollars, sense and weirdness

John Taylor: April 16, 20070 Comments

A number of things to consider while the coffee perks:

  • Americans work 77 days per year to pay federal taxes; 62 days to pay for housing and household costs; 52 days for health and medical care; 39 days for state/local taxes; and 30 days to pay for food (Wall Street Journal opinion piece by U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Judd Gregg).

  • Presenteeism (when potentially infectious people drag themselves to work, probably because they have no "sick days") costs employers $180 billion a year, or $255 per employee (USA Today opinion piece by economist Julianne Malveaux).

  • The average American spends fewer days in the hospital than people in other industrialized countries, but at $1,666 per day, that's four times the industrial country average (Washington Post opinion piece by Steven Pearlstein).

  • There are more than 66 million blogs in the blogosphere, with 175,000 new ones created daily.  Bloggers make new postings totaling 1.6 million daily, or roughly 18 updates per second (The City Journal magazine, opinion by Adam D. Thierer, citing Technorati, the blog tracking service).

  • The 2007 minimum salary for Major League baseball players is $380,000; the average salary is $2,944,556. "We should make it. We're the ones doing the entertaining," said San Francisco Giants player Barry Bonds, who is paid $15.5 million annually, 11th most in the majors (Associated Press).

  • $124,352,000 -- the cost of uncompensated care ("community benefits") that nonprofit Community Medical Centers provided in fiscal year 2006. That amount falls between the annual 2007 payroll of the Boston Red Sox ($142,991,214) and the New York Mets ($116,115,819), the No. 2 and No. 3 top team payrolls.