Busted! For acronym abuse

John Taylor: March 15, 20131 Comments

I was about three minutes into a presentation when I began dropping the “A-bombs.” I believe the explosions started something like this: “CHA would like CMC to do outreach to area CBOs.”

One vice president screwed up his face and spat out what he guessed I meant by CBO. (Hint: It’s community-based organizations.”  My boss, an SVP (oops, another “bomb”), said something along about how far a onetime professional journalist has fallen when he routinely spits out alphabet soup instead of crisp Reader’s Digest words.

Yep, busted. I have become wonk talk. To wit: “If DHCS moves ahead with a shift to DRGs, hospitals who thought it was tough to negotiate rates with CMAC are gonna need a stiff drink especially when the ACA takes away DSH money.”

Honestly, healthcare – just getting care – can be an exasperating maze.  But when you know just enough, like me, to see just a few pathways, you think you can rap with the CPAs (dang, there I go again).

I have to give a world of credit to reporters on NPR (sheesh, National Public Radio) for fearlessly butting into an interview to gain clarification of jargon and insider buzz words.

Guess I’m going to have to bite my LIHP (Low Income Health Plan) and have an AHA moment (no, no, not American Hospital Association)! LOL.

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