With apologies to the Moody Blues

John Taylor: February 08, 20080 Comments

On the Moody's album, "To Our Children's Children's Children," there is a song "I Never Thought I'd Live to be 100."  Well, here's a cheap steal of that theme -- this is my 100th blog posting since medwatchtoday.com opened shop last year.

Thanks for your readership. I try to diversify topics, but politics inevitably dominates (just earning my pay, boss).

Speaking of numbers, the new Yankees Stadium, which opens in 2009, has now soared in construction costs to $1.3 billion. The Yankee Stadium still in use, was originally built in the 1920s for about $2 million, according to a story in the New York Times.

And then there's the newly published Fresno County Workforce Investment Board 2007 employment study, which projects that Fresno employers will need 8,000 new workers in 2009 and nearly 14,000 through 2011. Strictly from health care, the new jobs would total 2,794, with increases in nursing aides, occupational therapists, physicians, nurses and recreation therapists.

Bottom line: Not enough highly skilled staff available locally. And if you look at other occupational growth areas, it shows. We apparently want to hire a lot of vehicle cleaners (salaries topping out at $16.83), heating and AC installers (tops, $20.80), general maintenance ($16.10) and drivers of heavy trucks ($14.98).

Final words, yeah baseball season is coming. Construction costs for each of the 53,000 seats in the new stadium are about $23,000 -- about half a year's pay for the best air-conditioner installer you can find in Fresno.