Is your inner voice kind?

Employee News & Views Editor: February 20, 20144 Comments

"Kindness" - the word itself has a lovely feel, a sense of both gentleness and strength. We are often told to be kind to others which is wonderful advice. There is a bumper sticker "Human Kind. Be Both". Yes.

How are we at being kind to ourselves? Not self-indulgent, but kind! Take note of the tone-of-voice you use for your internal self-talk. Do you ever call yourself unkind names? Make unrealistic demands? Ignore body signals of hunger or weariness for too long? If you do, notice these things without judging yourself.

As a spiritual practice these next few weeks, notice your internal self-talk, move towards the gentleness and strength of kindness. Inner kindness will radiate to outer kindness. We are human beings, not machines. Be kind to yourself and the other humans in the world! Take some inspiration here.

Lynn Baker, Chaplain
Community Regional Medical Center

4 responses to Is your inner voice kind?

No not at all. My inner voice

No not at all. My inner voice in getting harsh and I think I need proper treatment and I need sleeping pills for it.

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Brillant piece

Brillant piece of information, I had come to know about your web-page from my friend. I would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanx a million once again, Regards

"Is Your Inner Voice Kind?"

Chaplain Lynn, Thank you for reminding me to be kind in such a gentle way. I will think of "gentleness and strength of kindness" so it will radiate. What a nice thought. Susan Akiyama Short Stay Surgery


Thank you, the inspirational words and pictures speak truth a truth so many have forgotten. I loved all of them but I must reuse this one. "BE KIND,FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A HARD BATTLE." -PLATO

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