We’ve got a NICU Top Nurse

Employee News & Views Editor: February 07, 20133 Comments

It’s always great when organizations outside of our own recognize our accomplished staff. Recently Patricia Kuzmiak, RNC-NIC, CCRN, CRNI, was awarded “Top Nurse in California” honors by the International Nurses Association for her demonstrated achievement and leadership in the field of neonatal nursing and vascular access and she’s been qualified for inclusion in that group’s 2012 Edition of “Worldwide Leadership in Healthcare.” Way to go Patricia!

Patricia works in Clovis Community’s new neonatal ICU where she places PICC lines (peripherally inserted central catheter) in our tiniest, most fragile babies. Patricia developed the first PICC Program in the Central Valley at the old University Medical Center. And for that work in 2004 she was inducted in “Strathmore’s Who’s Who” for demonstrated leadership and achievement. In 2007, Patricia moved to Community Regional in downtown Fresno to develop a PICC program there with nursing partner Cynthia McMillen, MSN, VA-BC. While Cindy focused on adult patients, Patricia branched out to include our pediatric and newborn patients to help advance the PICC team as a vascular access team. And we are sure glad she developed that expertise.

Patricia’s so much in demand for her PICC leadership that on her free time on weekends she works at another Community hospital, Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital, as their on-call PICC nurse. Patricia is just one of our great NICU nurses caring for fragile babies in our newborn nursery. Congratulations and thank you.

John R. Kass
Chief Nursing Officer
Clovis Community Medical Center

3 responses to We’ve got a NICU Top Nurse

We've got a NICU Top Nurse

I am so happy to see Pat get this special recognition. I have worked with her for most of the 10 years she has been at Community. It is amazing to see her put PICC lines in tiny tiny babies and I try to mirror my practice with adults after her as she is so good at what she does. Nobody does it better than Pat, and her friendship is as special as her skill, work ethic and dedication. Congrats Pat you deserve it!!

Top Nurse

I worked with Patricia Kuzmiak at The Children's Hospital of SW Florida, and she is a 'top' nurse in more ways than one. Besides her PICC expertise. her overall years of experience and superb care of the babies (and their families) was such an asset to our unit. I learned much from her and deem it a privilege to have been her co-worker. Patricia is certainly worthy of this honor.

NICU Top Nurse

I have known Pat for over 10 yrs. & Pat is such a Caring & Loving person so very decicated to her work & stong work ethics. I am proud to say she is one of my best friends even though I don't see her on a regular basis we have kept in contact I respect & trust her she has such a caring and patienet nature when she has to deal with any situation.Bueatiful person inside & out. Isabel

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