We think you are great!

Employee News & Views Editor: May 08, 20134 Comments

Community's ad recognizing our nurses this year expresses how our leadership, physicians, team members and especially our patients feel about our nurses.  Daily we receive letters and comments from patients and families about the wonderful care they or their family member have received in our facilities.  Our ad highlights just a few of these comments but the message is clear--we think you are great! 

"Nurses - Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care" is the theme for Nurse Recognition Week this year.  I know that nurses at Community embody this phrase.  You continually strive to improve the quality of care we provide and our outcomes demonstrate your commitment to quality.  Our world is ever-changing and many of you are taking on new roles as we strive to transform care.  From nursing informatics to care coordination, you are ensuring the patient is at the center of what we do at Community. In the bigger picture, it is clear that new innovative patient-centered models are required for effective care as the Affordable Care Act is implemented.  Who better to help lead these initiatives than nurses--the public wants leaders they can trust--and nurses consistently rank at the top of the respected Gallup annual poll as the most trusted profession.  I encourage you to never stop asking questions about the care you/we provide.  Be persistent in your quest to improve.  Ask fundamental questions: How can we improve? Are we following the best practice based on evidence?  Is there a better way to do this?  Through careful inquiry we will continue to generate innovations and improve quality for our patients.

Thank you for your commitment to our patients, your advocacy for them and your leadership during difficult times. You make a difference every day in the lives of those you touch.  This week is a time to reflect on and celebrate your contributions to your patients, your facility and our community.  It is said that a nurse must have brains, heart and courage.  Brains for the knowledge and ability to critically think through clinical situations, heart to understand how those we care for are feeling, and courage to stand up, speak up and be present at difficult times. The tragic loss of two of our own Community Regional nurses this past weekend has cast a shadow on our celebrations this week. For those of you who worked closely with and are mourning the loss of Neriza and Michelle, our hearts are with you.  I encourage you to let your heart and your courage guide you.  AND, I encourage everyone to let a nurse colleague know how much you appreciate them this week.

Mary Contreras,
Chief Nursing Officer
Community Medical Centers

4 responses to We think you are great!

Ryan Codgill

Ryan, I appreciate your sincerity, and genuine concern you show towards patients..It's heart-warming experience everytime I interact with you..keep up the good work..

We think you are great! | Community Medical

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let a nurse colleague know how much you appreciate them this wee

May I express my appreciation for you Mary? Your leadership and compassion were evident this week as they are throughout the year. A true nurses’ nurse, Florence Nightingale would be proud. Thanks for all you do.

We think you are great! | Community Medical

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