Walking in someone else's footsteps

Employee News & Views Editor: June 18, 20140 Comments

Just imagine trying to walk in someone else’s footsteps for a moment – and then realizing you can’t move your legs.

I did this in front of a couple dozen people June 18 when I strapped on the Ekso Bionic Exoskeleton in Community Regional’s Leon S. Peters Rehab for a demo that shows how it helps those who have had an injury or illness that prevents or impairs their ability to walk. A few days ago you might have seen the opening kick-off for World Cup Soccer that featured a paralyzed man walking with a skeleton like this and making that first kick – AMAZING.

The use of the exoskeleton also benefits the cardiovascular, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. The company that makes these bionic suits came by Community Regional to show us its rehab merits and I got to “walk in its footsteps.”

Only the top rehab centers in the nation have this technology and I’m proud to work at a place that researches life-changing ways to serve its patients. 

We also have the best staff here at Leon S. Peters Rehab and I know all my colleagues work so hard to prepare our patients, after life-altering changes, a quality return to home.

Through the eyes of a patient I felt what it was like to have that exoskeleton walk for me. 

This technology was once thought of as science fiction, but it’s now a reality for patients who have had life-altering injuries or diseases. It’s no longer just special effects seen in the movies – this bionic technology gives us hope about what’s coming next! [See this story in the local newspaper.]

Allen Prahl
Physical Therapist
Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center at Community Regional Medical Center

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