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Employee News & Views Editor: May 11, 20122 Comments

Community Medical Centers is the largest private employer in the region. Wouldn’t it be awesome to also be known as the company that swept this year’s Bike 2 Work Fresno corporate challenge by having the largest number of  bike-riding employees?! I know we can do it. Come join me on May 23 and ride a bike to work. 

I’ve organized this bike to work day for the past eight years for employees here. In past years we’ve had leaders like Jack Chubb (Community Regional’s CEO), Steve Walter (Corporate chief financial officer) and Bruce Kinder RN (Community Regional’s executive director of Nursing Clinical Operations & Informatics) riding with us.

 We usually gather early in the morning some place north of the hospital and then ride in together. It’s really a lot of fun, plus it’s great exercise and spares the air the exhaust we usually create by driving to work – all benefits to the health of our community!

Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring the corporate challenge and they’ve got a team riding. I’m hoping to outdo our friendly healthcare rivals by massing a bigger team and riding more miles all together. All we have to do is sign up online and log our miles riding to and from work in the online form before noon on May 24. Teams will compete in categories based on size (small 2-10 riders, medium 11-25 riders, large 26-75 riders and mega 76+ riders).

There's no need to have a special bike or be decked out like a racer for the ride -- or even be a regular rider. We’re already leaders in the region on so many medical services. Let’s lead in helping clean our air while we improve our own health with exercise—and fun!

Come register at  and look for the Community Regional Medical Centers line and my name, Paul D. Smith, then click the green “Join Team” link and fill in your info. Be sure to contact me via my email if you need more info. And stay tuned for details of our ride as the day gets closer.

Paul D. Smith, PT
Staff Physical Therapist II
Center Coordinator of Clinical Education
Acute Care Rehabilitation Services Department

Community Regional Medical Center

2 responses to Try it, you'll like it

Riding bike to work at Clovis Community

Is there a place to safely lock my bike at Clovis Community? I would like to ride my bike to work on a regular basis!

If I am not working that day,

If I am not working that day, can I still come ride with you guys?

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