From tragedy to triumph - losing a valued coworker is never easy.

Employee News & Views Editor: June 12, 20123 Comments

This was a really nice article in the Bee about our former clinical supervisor, Brad Isaac.   It’s a heart-warming reminder to our staff that while tragedy does change lives,  the thoughts, memories, and love remain and help to shape the future. Read the full story in the Fresno Bee.
Garth Wade
Manager, Emergency Department
Community Regional Medical Center


3 responses to From tragedy to triumph - losing a valued coworker is never easy.


I never met Brad, but I know 2 of his wonderful children. I had the privelege of working with Nicole and Jacob in the ER at Community Regional Hospital in the ER. Both are strong,compassionate, caring people. I know Brad is watching them and smiling. They are truly carrying on his spirit. PS Hi Garth miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes we need to read

Sometimes we need to read stuff like this to remind ourselves to not have pity parties. Great courage and awesome story thanks for sharing.

Tear! What a great story,

Tear! What a great story, can't wait to have some cookies and support her beautiful dream:) This is aweome & is a great reminder..

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