Tis the season...

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Here in the Deran Koligian Ambulatory Care Center amazing things happen when it comes to giving. A father nervously brought in his 5-day-old baby wrapped in nothing but a diaper, onesie and a towel, in on the coldest day during the first week of December. Let’s remind you it was approximately 35 degrees that morning.

He approached the front counter in the Children’s Clinic at 8 a.m., knowing that his newborn baby’s appointment was not until 10 a.m. He explained that his wife, the mother of the newborn, was an inpatient at Community Regional Medical Center on the same campus, and was very ill. He continued to explain that he ran out of “milk” for the baby and did not know what to do.  

The Children’s Clinic staff went into action; they searched the clinic to find a sleeper, blankets to wrap this fridged baby in.   But one employee did not stop there. Overhearing what was going on, she picked up the phone called her daughter who had just given birth a few months prior and told her to gather whatever she could to help.

Approximately, 45 minutes later Registration Representative Monica Rocha’s, daughter, Kaela, showed up with three bags of baby items that included sleepers, hats, socks, mittens, diapers, bottles and formula. When the bags were given to the man, he was overjoyed with emotion and began to cry. Monica did share that while approaching the building Kaela was stopped by another mother of a small baby who asked if they were giving the clothes away, as her baby did not have much to wear. She took the lady's number and Monica and Kaela have put together a care package for this baby. That mother should be picking up the items this week.

When I was chatting with Monica, she stated, it gave her and her daughter, who is 18, an appreciation for what they have … it feels good to give this time of year. A simple act of kindness possibly saved the life of a baby, created an ease for a nervous father and found another to help.

Wendi Reed
Executive Secretary, Deran Koligian Ambulatory Care Clinic
Community Regional Medical Center

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Makes me proud to be employed by CRMC/CLOVIS

This story touched my heart and makes me proud to be associated with CRMC/CLOVIS.I always try to help people, volunteering at my church or whenever needed. While not everyone agrees with the efforts taken to help this man I would remind them that when an emergency arises we should be forthcoming and willing to help. We never know when we might find ourselves on the receiving end and the ones needing the help. It also reminds me that we never know how God wants to see how we love one another.

Faith in humanity restored.

Faith in humanity restored.

My baby is 6 months old and

My baby is 6 months old and this touches my heart to hear such a wonderful thing. I know the families are truly thankful!



Baby Care package

This story really warmed my heart;we have so many wonderful and caring people whom work for this facility.Unselfish acts of kindness is what the world should have more of.Thank you for posting this.

What a wonderful and caring

What a wonderful and caring gesture. Our employees are the best, not only taking care of the patients, but going further and giving them assistance. I don't have words to describe how proud I am of our employees and knowing that this type of giving is done year round not only at Christmas.

The Gift of Giving

It was refreshing to read a story about people going out of their way to help someone in need. During these very stressful economic times, many don't realize that there are people going without even the basic necessities of life. Reading this story about the caring staff at CRMC and how they went out of their way to help others in need made my day. God Bless the staff and Monica's daughter for making sure someone in need was given the help they so desperately needed.


I would love to help this family too. Do they need more baby clothes?

Beautiful Story! Thank you

Beautiful Story! Thank you for sharing!

I am all for helping out

I am all for helping out people in need but I do not agree with this! I was working that day and someone called the 3rd floor requesting us to give formula, diapers and any other items to this father. I understand his wife is in the hospital, but it is not ok for the employees to be giving out free supplies that are paid for by the department budget! If we did this all the time or if word got out that this happened like you putting it on the forum this could become a ongoing request. There is lots of resources for people who are in need and it is not the hospital or the hospital budgets responsibility once a baby has been discharged home regardless of their personal situation. My advice would be to refer him to a social worker for further needs so they can be referred to the appropriate resources.

I thought your comment was so

I thought your comment was so very sad about helping this family. Sometimes, we just need to do the right thing. Helping out this family took a huge load off of their shoulders and allowed them peace of mind for at least a moment in time. Recently, my daughter helped out a young couple in our church by watching their infant son overnight while mom was hospitalized in one hospital and their toddler hospitalized in another. The young father was in need. So we helped ease his worries for a short time. My daughter did the right thing. And, we did not know these people. She stepped up to the plate because she thought of someone other than herself. I am a proud mom because of that. She is only 19.

Baby items

I just read the story about the baby that needed clothes and supplies. I think that was so nice of everyone coming together to help the father.And trying to help the young mother. I work at Clovis and read all the negative posts from the staff @ CRMC .It was nice to finally see something good for a change.Are you still collecting things for other people in need? My daughter had twins last year and we have items we would like to donate if you are still doing this? We have clothes and baby food and formula and cereal.


How wonderful the staff of the Children's Clinic must be to immediately find a way to help this father and child. How much more wonderful is Ms. Rocha and her daughter Kaela for selflessly giving of their time, clothings and compassion. To think that this 18 year old braved the frigid temperatures herself to help this father and child. Thank you for sharing that it only takes a minute to listen, more minutes to respond but what a gift of a lifetime. I am glad I work with such a compassionate, caring team of people at the Children's Clinic, even though I don't know any of them.

How beautiful

How beautiful

Beautiful story. Brought me

Beautiful story. Brought me to tears as I hold my sleeping newborn. We take so much for granted.

newborn baby

What an incredible story. Brought tears to my eyes...

Fresno Resources

This article brought me to tears. Thank God for your kindness and generosity. Just wanted to mention another resource available as needed...Holy Cross Center for Women. Each day, Saint Agnes Holy Cross Center for Women cares for an average of 130 women and 20 children.In one month alone, the center provides 500-plus articles of clothing for women and families, 875 showers, and 400 loads of laundry. Sister Mary has a huge clothing closet (warehouse) which allows individuals to go "shopping" for clothing, etc at no charge. Call for more information. Saint Agnes Holy Cross Center for Women 421 F Street P.O. Box 12225 Fresno, CA 93777 (559) 237-3379 (in downtown Fresno, across from Poverello House) God bless you.


Thank you for posting this. While there are plenty of people who are aware of such resources, I'm sure many more people have no clue, like this father who brought his newborn to CRMC when he didn't know what to do because his wife was seriously ill in the hospital. I am proud of the way the staff here stepped up to offer this man some immediate help and I wish all staff were given, as part of their training at CRMC a list of resources (to have handy) for all types of situations like this.

What a beautiful and heart

What a beautiful and heart felt story.

How amazing to read this

How amazing to read this story that there are angels out there in this world, Monica you & your daughter are blessed actually angels that God sent to be here in this world to save that baby from being cold and to just put that smile on that father's face to him i believe that was xmas, just that feeling of warmness that his child would have, this is xmas i don't know you, but i wish you & your family a very merry xmas & many blessings.

It's great to know that there

It's great to know that there are still people who genuinely care about others and not only themselves.

I cant get this story out of

I cant get this story out of my head. I would to like to help out with pampers or clothes or formula or anything for babys who needs items.If theres anything I can do please let me know.


I am truly amazed by what the staff did to help this gentleman! We have amazing people who work for an amazing organization!

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this story. It was very touching and made me cry. I have a two year old and a 3 month year old and it just touched my heart how the mom helped out the father and and his newborn. I never knew how good I had it until, I read this. There are some wonderful people in this world.

'Tis The Season

Monica and her family are great people, this story does not suprise me at all. Im very lucky to have such great people in my life.

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. You have brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart

Tis the Season

What a wonderful story! I love reading about things like this. Random acts of kindness. Warms my heart! Let me know if I can help with any more things like this!!

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