Thanking our facilities management staff for all they do

Employee News & Views Editor: October 23, 20133 Comments

In celebration of National Healthcare Facilities & Engineering Week, we would like to recognize our Facility Maintenance and Engineering staff for their hard work responding to all the needs of our facility throughout this past year.

Facilities Management staff

They are important members of the health care team - keeping our facility operational, safe, and efficient. Because of all they do, there is reliable power, running water, and many building systems that sustain a comfortable healing environment for all who walk through our doors. What you may think is ordinary is truly extraordinary – as they are health care heroes found in, around, and behind-the-scenes of our massive 24/7 operation. Take a look at these numbers reflecting just how hard our Facilities Management Team works.

In the past year 63,275 work orders were completed.

To operate our 53 acre main hospital campus and Community Regional’s off-site campuses (which include:  California Cancer Center, Community Behavioral Health Center, Community Health Center – Sierra, Community Subacute & Trasitional Care Center,Outpatient Dialysis’, Terry’s House, Herndon Radiology, Asthma and Diabetes Clinic, and many other office locations) our Facilities Staff maintain:

9,314 Fire Alarm System Devices
707 Fire Extinguishers
10 Emergency Generators
4 – 500 Horsepower High Pressure Steam Boilers
4 – 1,000 Ton Capacity A/C Chillers
275 Air Handlers

900 TempTrak Devices
53 Ice Machines
213 Microwaves
549 Refrigerators
31 Elevators

And much, much more!

In addition, if you need repairs for the following, the Facilities staff will come to your rescue for:
Air Conditioning/Heating
Light bulb replacement
Hanging a picture
Negative Air Equipment
Setting your clock
Fixing a squeaky or broken door
Kitchen Equipment Repairs
Medical Gas Systems
Fixing a cabinet or drawer
Making or hanging signage
Repairing the Tube System
Fixing a TV/Nurse Call/GetWellNetwork

Now that’s just a glimpse of what they handle – there’s so much more that goes into the daily facility operations. For more information on our services or on how to submit a work order, please see our Facilities Maintenance and Engineering information sheet.

From the photo, you probably recognize their friendly faces or have had the pleasure of working with one of our Team members.  Whatever the encounter may have been or will be – they are masters of their trade, efficient and courteous.  They strive to treat all staff, patients, and visitors like VIP customers. 

Even though their home bases are located across the tracks on Merced Street, and across Illinois Street at the Central Energy Plant (CEP), they are everywhere on our campuses making a difference 24/7. 

We appreciate each and every member of our Engineering and Maintenance Staff. Please help us in thanking them for all of their hard work and commitment!    

Dru Walker
Director, Facilities Maintenance & Construction
Stan Zulewski
Manager, Facilities Maintenance & Plant Operations

3 responses to Thanking our facilities management staff for all they do

Yeah we need to recognize our

Yeah we need to recognize our Facility Maintenance and Engineering staff as they work really hard to achive the target.

Thanking our facilities management staff for all they do

I used to wonder why it took a while to get a work order completed. Now I totally understand. Truly amazing how much work these folks do once you read the statistics. I appreciate all of your hard work to keep us up and running.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the facilities and maintenance staff fir all you do! My father was a heating and air conditioning expert at Sears and Roebucks for 30 years, so I have special appreciation for your work! Peg Breen Corp HR

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