State trauma org selects Community Regional’s Bennink as new leader

Employee News & Views Editor: July 02, 20132 Comments

Yet another honor has come to one of our fine nurses at Community Regional Medical Center.  Lynn Bennink R.N., Trauma Program director, was chosen as president-elect of the Trauma Managers Association of California (TMAC). This non-profit organization is comprised of trauma professionals who come together in a forum of dialogue and network to improving trauma care at state and community levels.

TMAC president-elect Lynn Bennink RN

Prior to forming TMAC, trauma managers could not sit in on meetings of the State Trauma Advisory Committee (a multi-professional organization designed to constantly update the criteria for trauma care), the development of TMAC gave a more hands-on official influence over standardized change towards the advancement of California trauma care.

Since the creation of this group in 2003, previously under-represented trauma professionals have been instrumental in everything from writing the State Trauma Plan to creating reference manuals for upcoming managers. Now in greater unison, professionals statewide can focus on the perpetual advancement of this care.

But why is this constant improvement of trauma care so important?

Research shows that critically injured patients have a 25% reduction in mortality if they are taken to a Level 1 trauma center. Survival rates of these victims increase significantly in regions with stronger trauma systems, which usually have more efficient ways of treating patients and ensuring a quick delivery to the right type of care.

Thanks to Community Regional, our Valley has the ONLY Level 1 trauma center for the most time-sensitive and critical trauma cases. Not only is this advanced trauma center pivotal for the security of the public, but it also acts as a training center for all levels of trauma professionals, offering everything from Trauma Nursing Core Credits (TNCC) to Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN).

These training courses are crucial to this care because the methods of treatment and the life-saving practices used are continually changing and evolving for the good of the patient. 

The pathophysiology of trauma is extremely complex and each case presents new challenges, requiring precise skill-sets and extreme situational critical thinking. However great these challenges, the trauma professionals here at Community Regional are some of best trained in the nation and continually lead the charge towards the evolution of trauma care – like Lynn.

Lynn has been a nurse since 1977 and a trauma manager since 2000, providing excellent leadership and innovation for these professionals and this program which together are so crucial to patient care in the Valley.

Lynn says she knew trauma was her true passion the first time she took her first trauma position years ago – and it shows with her dedication to training not only herself, but encouraging others as well. 

Like Lynn, we who care for trauma patients love what we do, are very good at what we do, and have a passion to give the best care possible.

If you see Lynn around Community Regional, please congratulate her and thank her for helping us all work to be at the forefront of innovation in trauma care to better treat our patients. 

Congratulations Lynn!

Dr. Jim Davis
Professor of Clinical Surgery
Steven N. Parks Endowed Chair of Surgery, UCSF
Chief of Trauma, Community Regional Medical Center

2 responses to State trauma org selects Community Regional’s Bennink as new leader

Lynn Bennink

Congratulations to Lynn. She is a great resource and tireless advocate for great patient care. The lab and blood bank are fortunate to be able to work with her on trauma care quality and service matters. Dr. David Sater, CRMC Lab Director

Fantastic care for my husband

Thank all of you so much for taking care of my husband he came in there for a blood clot but has also had pneumonia for quite some time your team's have made sure he has got every possible medication and care possible.He is not an easy person to take care of he's an alcoholic on top of everything.Your team has made sure he was getting physical therapy because he has abused his body so bad he's lost all of his muscle tone.Thanks again for all of your patience and care your all awesome!!!

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