A satisfying climb to the 95th

Employee News & Views Editor: May 30, 20121 Comments

Patient satisfaction results are a key indicator for happy patients and happy employees.  For over six months now 1 East Med/Surg leadership has been focused on developing new ways to improve patient and employee satisfaction and especially working hard to obtain the goal of being number one in patient satisfaction at Community Regional Medical Center.. 

In the month of February, HCAHPS survey results showed us to be in the 95th percentile for patient satisfaction – meaning we had some very happy patients!  Because we’ve been working so hard on developing a patient-centered culture of excellence, this is a definite win to share.   Looking back to November 2011, where results were in the 16th percentile – we’ve come a long way!

This has been a collaborative effort, between unit staff, leadership, and physicians, with the most impact being improved responsiveness of hospital staff and improved patient communication with the nurses. We have been able to develop, coach, and support one another as a team to reach our goal and have also seen a significant increase in patient satisfaction under the physician component of the survey which is highly attributed to the relationship development between the physicians and nurses by allowing the physicians’ time to be maximized so they are able to listen and better explain things to their patients.

It is very exciting and appreciated by the staff that our CEO Jack Chubb, COO Craig Wagoner, and CNO Karen Buckley all expressed their excitement and acknowledgment to the employees for their hard work and dedication.

In celebration of our achievement, we held an ice cream social for our staff, planted flowers on the patio together and proudly wore buttons that stated ‘We reached 95th percentile in patient satisfaction.” 1 East has an amazing patio and because it is spring time we took our ice cream outside and planted some flowers together. This activity was to help relieve stress, interact with one another, and take pride in our wonderful unit.

The next day, one of our patients planted some of the flowers that were left behind. The patient stated he was inclined to plant the flowers because the flowers “made him feel like he could breathe again” – helping him to relieve the stress he was feeling and said they flowers reminded him of his mother. The patient watered the flowers everyday for his length of stay. It was nice to know the patient was happy and comfortable during his stay here at Community Regional Medical Center.  I’m so proud to be a part of this organization and I love being the manager of 1 East Med/Surg!

By Regina Delarosa, Manager of 1 East Medical Surgical Unit at Community Regional Medical Center



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Regina,You and your team are

Regina, You and your team are amazing! Keep up the great work!!!

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