Remembering Deserie

Employee News & Views Editor: August 01, 20132 Comments

We would like to take a moment to remember our former friend and co-worker Deserie Miranda, who recently passed away on March 9, 2013.  She worked for Community Medical Centers for several years as a PCA, Unit Clerk, and lastly as a Community Home Health Liaison. 

Miranda was known for her strong patient advocacy and her willingness to help patients on their road to recovery.  She would go above and beyond to make sure the patients home health needs were met.  She was a great friend to many and a wonderful co-worker.  We are posting this blog in the hopes that those who remember her will have a chance to say their final farewells to her.  Please feel free to write down a memory or a thought that you may have about her.  A donation has been made to the Marjorie Mason Center in her honor!

Rest In Peace Deserie. 
You may be gone, but never forgotten....

Your colleagues and friends,
      Gloria Romero-Martinez
       Monica Ficher
       Angelica Gomez

2 responses to Remembering Deserie

Deserie, Thanks for all the

Deserie, Thanks for all the kind words you said to me, I will always remember you, I will see you in Heavan when all of us christians meet again for eternity.

remembering your

I just wanted to let you know that I will miss all the wonderful talks we had. You were such a great friend and person. All of us remember the cupcakes you brought to our floor and all the candy you shared with us. We always had a pen and paper to use, THANKS to you. Your smile would always light up the room. I am still shocked by your passing. Rest in peace Deserie. One day we will meet again. Monica

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