Remembering colleague Pat Tucker

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Our staffing supervisor at Community Regional Medical Center, Patricia Ann Tucker, passed away July 18 at age 69. Her co-workers are holding a get together to remember her on Friday, Aug. 17, from 3-5 p.m. in the Sequoia West room in the hospital. Cake and refreshments will be served and there will be a sign in book and card collection for Pat’s family.

Pat’s family is recognizing her ties to Community Regional by asking that remembrance in her honor be sent to Community’s Foundation to support the Medical Oncology Department at Community Regional. One of her co-workers wrote the following and encourages others to add their memories to hers in the comment portion of this blog:

Patricia Ann Tucker began her wonderful career here 24 years ago at Community Regional beginning February of 1988.  She has held many wonderful positions through out her years here,  most notably manager of the Staffing & Bed Control office.  She was an amazing person with many beautiful qualities. 

For those who knew her, she was kind and sweet, but when she needed to be, she could be quitetough. There wasn’t a soul in the facility that didn’t know her in some way shape or form.  As she would walk the halls going places, she would be stopped by someone saying a simple hello or chat.  She would always treat people with respect and prided herself on honesty.  Giving was her specialty.

 "To often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
Author Unkown 

In our office there were times when she would treat us to breakfast because we were doing a great job. For office birthdays, her way of giving was to either bake or purchase a cake or desert of the person’s choice.  Pat was a fantastic cook.  She loved cooking things from eccentric to simple (anything revolving around food).  Her most noted sweet chocolate.  She loved the dark kind. 

She also loved gardening, and had a most favorite flower -- the Bearded Iris.  Her garden at home was filled with hundreds of them looking as beautiful as she was. 

The most notable fact about Pat iwas that she had a true LOVE for Elvis (Her other true love was her husband Tom.)  Her office couldn’t be decorated more with stuff about him, from magnets to pictures and even music. 

Oh, & “don’t go there” during football and baseball seasons.  She cheered for the San Francisco 49ers & the S.F. Giants.  She would razz many that had an opposing team all in good fun and laughter. 

There are so many great things to share about Pat that you could go on for an eternity…. She will be truly missed by all who loved her.  Her memory will live on forever in our hearts for now she is now in the hands of God. 

Adrienne Dangelat
Staffing Office


9 responses to Remembering colleague Pat Tucker

In memory of Pat

I was saddened to learn of Pat's passing. Though we only really dealt with each other when there was a problem to be solved, she was always pleasant and upbeat. No matter how sticky the situation wth Pat's wonderful insight and attitude, we always worked out a good solution. She will truly be missed.

My Dear Friend

Pat had a special place in my heart. I have known Pat since I started working here in 1992. Although my office was in different places throughout my time here, we always stayed in touch, even when I left Community for a few years. In those few years away from Community, it never failed, she would always call me on my birthday; couldn't believe she remembered. We had many a good laugh and cry and I will miss her tremendously. I was talking with one of her coworkers shortly before she left us and she said she asked Pat if she was afraid and she said no. That is because she knew where she was going and would be walking those streets of gold! Miss you much, Pat and will never forget you!

I was on the float pool for

I was on the float pool for 12 years and loved saying hi to Pat and talking with her over the years. She always asked about my family (especially my 5 kids) and we loved catching up on life. Pat encouraged me in many ways throughout the years, but mostly through her smile and care. I just found out about her passing today, and would have loved to been at her reception to greet her family. Pat, you will be missed! I am praying Christ's peace and comfort for her family.

Much love to Pat

Thanks everyone who attended the Celebration for Pat Friday 18th in Sequoia West. I know it meant a lot for her family to see people who loved her come to celebrate her beautiful life. There is nobody like her, that's for sure. Not a day will go by that I don't think about her in our office. She was one of a kind let me tell ya. Enjoy Paradise Pat... Love you lots.

Pat was very kind, caring and

Pat was very kind, caring and approachable. I could still hear her say "Hi, Kiddo!" :) She somehow constantly greeted me that way whenever we see each other. It was always a pleasure talking to her and it has been my habit to pop into her pretty office to check on her and chat for a little bit. She had a genuine interest in people and the things going on around them. She always asked about how my kids and hubby were doing. I will miss her dearly and will always remember what a special lady she was!

Remembering Pat Tucker

I too will miss Pat. She was one of the "constants" that we expected to always be here. She is indeed in the hands of God and I hope she and Jackie Karle are up there cracking each other up just like they did here!

Pat Tucker

Pat Tucker was an inspiration to me,I remember I could call her anytime when I needed help after a co-worker retired.She had a big heart and was a great listener.Seems empty without being able to speak with her anymore,The last talk we had was she wanted to enjoy the rest of her life with her husband Tom and her family. Pat did just that. I know alot of people who loved her and will miss her always. Thank You Pat for being a part of my life.

Remembering Pat

I didn't know Pat, but now I feel I do. Thank you Adrienne for helping recognize and memorialize an obviously well-loved co-worker. --- ERIN KENNEDY

Remembering Pat

Thank you Adrienne for your beautiful tribute to Pat. I too had known her for a very long time. I will truely miss her. The chats in her office, the many times just laughing. What a great sense of humor she had. I would always walk away from a conversation with her feeling better or a little less stressed, or with a side ache due to laughing so hard. She truely cared about everyone she worked with. So hard to believe I won't be having those conversations with her any more or seeing that smile. I will never forget you Pat! Love you lady, Diane

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