PUPP team improves patient care and satisfaction at Regional.

Employee News & Views Editor: July 25, 20130 Comments

Community Regional Medical Center continuously looks for ways to pursue excellence in quality service for our patients and their families. 

Community Regional Medical Center Burn Services director, Sandra Yovino.

One important aspect of improvement we’ve been working on is Pressure Ulcers (or “bedsores”), which has been an on-going Joint Commission performance measure for patient safety. We consistently review methods of practice in which we can improve healthcare for those who spend many hours in beds or wheelchairs.

 That’s where our “PUPP” team comes in!

Community Regional’s director of Burn Services Sandra Yovino and her team, along with Medline Industries, implemented the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program (PUPP) in 2011. The success from this program for preventing and reducing pressure ulcers is phenomenal.

More than 1,600 healthcare professionals were trained on the current best practice for preventing pressure ulcers through an online program called “Medline University.”  Monthly informational seminars were also held by the hospital.

Not only did this team achieve significantly better outcomes for our patients' care and their satisfaction – which is our first priority – but Community Regional realized a potential Medicare/Medicaid cost savings of $561,340. GREAT WORK!

Special thanks to Sandra Yovino and the Community Regional PUPP team members who were advocates for excellence in maintaining the highest standards of patient care in pressure ulcer prevention. 

At a leadership meeting in June we surprised Sandra with Medline’s Award for Excellence, congratulating her and the entire team of healthcare professionals on their dedication and successful efforts in preventing and reducing pressure ulcers at Community Regional.

Sandra shares this award with everyone who helped make this change in practice and patient safety a reality. We might not have seen such drastic improvement without all who helped accomplish this through their advocacy and implementation. 

 If you see Sandra or members of this team at work around the hospital, please give them a big “thanks” for making such great strides in patient care and satisfaction. 

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to recognize those at Community Regional who are so dedicated and continue to look for ways to improve care for our patients.

Karen Buckley, Chief Nursing Officer
Community Regional Medical Center

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