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There have been many questions recently addressing parking on our campus – specifically parking at the Maddy Street parking garage (Lot 6) located adjacent to the main entrance into the hospital.  As our patients and their loved ones are our number one priority, it is our responsibility to ensure they have convenient, safe, and accessible parking. 

Maddy Street Self Parking Garage - Lot 6 (for patients and visitors only)

The Maddy Street parking garage is intended for visitor parking and our valet service only.  There is a six story parking garage on Community Regional’s campus intended solely for our employees. Here are some other designated parking areas that might be near you:

• Lot 10 near Illinois and Herwaldt
• Lot 16 or Lot 18 on N. Valeria
• Lot 4 next to Terry’s House (Make sure you have a free permit!)
• Lot 17 on Illinois near the railroad tracks




 Tollbooth attendant in Maddy Street garage welcomes patients and visitors, and kindly redirects medical staff, employees, volunteers and nursing students.

We understand that the Maddy Street garage and Lot 5 in front of the Emergency Department are not currently marked for visitors only, but we’re working to correct that. There is also a booth attendant available in the Maddy Street garage to help redirect traffic and clear up any confusion our medical staff, employees, volunteers and nursing students may have concerning parking in this garage.
We appreciate our employees for accommodating our patients and their loved ones, and we will do our best to accommodate you as well!

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
Kevin Weaver, Director of Security

6 responses to Parking on Community Regional's campus


I too, am concerned with the parking issue. The first problem is that the two major shifts here overlap by at least a half an hour....that means we have an entire hospital full of employees parked in the garage, and then another entire shift full of employees attempting to come and the same time the others are still here. The only answer is to have enough parking spots to accommodate two shifts of employees. I also find that it is extremely frustrating to find an open spot where the electric cars are supposed to park. Even if I come a half an hour early for work, those spots are already taken. I find myself wondering if they are being used by night shift employees who will be leaving at 7:30...after I've already had to park somewhere else, leaving them open and unused.


It's so frustrating to be told to enforce the parking policies here when most of the medical staff blatanly disregard them. This is a much needed and welcomed step forward. Kudos!!


I have no problem letting only visitors park in Lot 6, the problem is that it is becoming harder and harder to find parking in the emplyee parking garage, and with the gym opening my fear is that it will become almost impossible to find parking and still get to work on time. i have been know to circle the parking lot for almost 30 minuets waiting for someone to leave beacuse i can not find parking. Also the people on the top level who park crooked or in 2 spots knowing that those sites are narrow so no-one will park next to them need to be sited there is consistently a 1/2 dozen sites where people can not park because of this issue.

I agreed, there has been many

I agreed, there has been many times when I try to find a parking spot and someone take two parking space.

Question on parking

Where shall we park when we are visitors? Or have a loved one in the Emergency Department? Thanks

Staff Parking Garage

Now that they are redirecting staff from Maddy Dr, the Staff Parking Garage is exremly full. I have been parking there since it opened and I appreciate having a safe place to park my car, but it is also frustrating to see staff that walk to their cars and huddle together talking or texting on their phones in the garage having no respect for the staff that are coming into work. I start at 0730 and get here at 0710 to get parking and cannot get a decent spot because of this issue. I get to my work area just in time to clock in and that's that I rush to get into my area. Out of respect for you fellow employees, if you want to chat, do it on champus, not in the garage where others are trying to get to work on time. I don't know if some of the unused part of the garage will ever be alocated for staff parking but it would be nice if there were extra parking areas for staff to use so they may get to their work areas timely. Thank you.

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