Our PT elected to statewide position

Employee News & Views Editor: November 07, 20123 Comments

We are so proud of Paul D. Smith! He’s one of our physical therapists and a clinical education coordinator in acute care rehabilitation at Community Regional Medical Center. And last week he got a call informing him that he had been elected as a director to the California Physical Therapy Association.

He’s already signed his oath of office and begun serving his two-year term. He’s also completing a term as a California Delegate to the national governing body of the American Physical Therapy Association, which meets June 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is quite an honor to be elected to this position in the statewide Physical Therapy Association.  As Director, Paul will have the opportunity to serve his profession through legislative advocacy for physical therapists throughout California.   The California Physical Therapy Association focuses on access for patients, practitioner education, evidence-based practice, ensuring adequate payment and ensuring a public Identity for the profession.  All of this helps eventually improve our care for patients.

As Paul says “It is my professional vitamins.  It keeps me current and in touch with my profession and in a position to influence policy and practice, as well as keeping me abreast of the changes in our healthcare delivery system. “

We look forward to Paul’s service and are confident he will represent us well.  Join me in congratulating Paul!

Dawan Utecht,
CEO of Community Behavioral Health Center
and VP of Rehabilitation and Skilled Care


3 responses to Our PT elected to statewide position

Congratulations Paul Brent

Congratulations Paul Brent and the boys and I are beyond proud of you! All I can say is wow again. Dad is so proud as he watches you. Good job, Debb.

Congratulations Cousin

Wonderful news and well deserved. We are all very proud. Katie


Paul was my Clinical Instructor during my PT Internship at UMC. He was an excellent mentor, and I am grateful to him for not only his continued guidance, but his dedication to our profession. Great work Paul!

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