New curbside hospitality treatment for Community Regional patients and visitors

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Beginning Tues., Sept. 10, Community Regional Medical Center will offer patients and visitors a new dose of hospitality –curbside.  Available on weekdays from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. patients, their families and visitors can drive their vehicle to the entrance in front of the Trauma & Critical Care Building on Divisadero and Clark streets to allow valet attendants to park their vehicle for them.

This guest service provides patients and their loved ones the ability to get where they need to be without the stress of finding a parking space and walking distances that could be difficult for them.   While some patients are dropped off and left to wait for their loved one to return after parking, valet services will now allow for patients and their loved ones to stay together.

Also launching with guest valet parking is a “priority” greeter service being first piloted with cardiology patients scheduled for procedures by their treating physician.  Patients of our partnering physicians will receive a Priority Guest card with their Guest Valet Services directional brochure.  Patients receiving this priority service will be greeted by a guest ambassador upon arriving at valet parking and will receive an escort to and from their procedure area.

All patients and visitors using valet parking will have access to a wheel chair, receive campus directions and regular escort services as provided through ambassador, volunteer and security services during their normal operating hours.  Because valet parking is only available during weekdays from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., guests needing to retrieve their keys after hours can do so through Security Services at the Rotunda lobby in the Trauma & Critical Care Building.

The valet parking service is not available for employee or medical staff use. Our administration kindly asks that employees and medical staff do not park their vehicles in the visitor parking garage located on Maddy Drive, as this garage is designated for visitors and the bottom floor, the guest valet program.

The valet attendants can be recognized in professional attire and are trained to provide caring and compassionate service the moment they open the vehicle doors.  Look for more details and introductions on the Forum and Facebook this week – highlighting Community Regional’s new Curbside Hospitality vendor providing our patients with a warm and helpful welcome.

By Shannon Merritt 
Communications Specialist 
Community Regional Medical Center 


6 responses to New curbside hospitality treatment for Community Regional patients and visitors

Finally !! Valet Parking

My Pastor who comes to this hospital as well as all the other hospitals in town was just speaking Sunday morning about how our facility is the only one that does not have curbside service. He is very passionate about visiting his sick members but he is not a spring chicken ! So having this service would not only help him physically but allow him to have a better experience with CRMC and his sick members! Thank you and I know for a fact this department will be seeing him often so please treat Pastor McAlister well!

kudos to the 'Team"

I wanted to say how delighted I was to see the ‘curbside service’ being offered here at CRMC-Fresno. I walk into work every day through the Trauma side of our hospital and have been greeted by the staff working the ‘curb-side’ service. They are friendly, kind and professional. I look forward to informing our elderly, handicapped and out of town patients and family members of this wonderful service.

Mobility Way

This is a nice treatment for visitors of patient. I also noticed that they are giving more access to patient with disability. Keep it up! 

I feel a shuttle service from

I feel a shuttle service from our garages &/or the Surgical Services building to the main hospital would prove very valuable and serve a large amount of people.

Hopefully staff will LISTEN

Staff is notorious for disregarding most direction regarding parking and smoking on and around campus. You would think that employees would know better than anyone else to follow the corporate policies they agreed to when they accepted their positions. Maddy Garage is saturated with parking violators, and though being given warning citations, most are repeat offenders. This sense of entitlement must cease. Hopefully the higher ups will mandate a 'no tolerance, no excuse' enforcement policy and some form of accountability for the staff who continue to park in the Maddy Garage. At this point there is no discipline, therefore no reason for those who don't care to break their bad hibits. I hope this valet implementation doesn't suffer due to the lack of courtesy that some staff members show toward our policies, but I guess we'll see.

Valet Parking

Years ago CRMC had valet parking at the main entrance. My grandmother was a patient in Rehab for approximately three months, and my family used the service everyday. We got to know the valet staff, Larry and his crew very well. I am happy to see this service come back to help out patients, and visitors.

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