James Pacini, PTA, runs for state post

Employee News & Views Editor: September 09, 20132 Comments

I wanted to recognize my colleague James Pacini, PTA, in his endeavor to be a part of, and make a difference in, the way we deliver healthcare like so many others at Community who go above and beyond in their jobs.

With passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 California is ramping up to address the healthcare needs of all Californians beginning in January 2014.  Physical therapist assistants (PTA) are an integral element to providing efficient and timely delivery and help address issues related to affordability and access to quality rehabilitative healthcare. 

Jimmy is campaigning for representative to the PTA Caucus and If elected he will have an opportunity to represent concerns and influence issues at the national level related to policy and practice that directly impacts licensed (physical therapist assistant) providers living and working in California. 

The PTA Caucus represents the physical therapist assistants' interests, needs, and issues in APTA governance. The PTA Caucus includes the chief delegate, four delegates at large, and 52 PTA caucus representatives. The chief delegate and delegates at large are elected by the PTA Caucus and serve two year terms and are the voice of the PTA Caucus during APTA's house of delegates (House). The PTA Caucus representatives are elected or selected by their chapter (state).

Jimmy says, “I have taken every opportunity to serve my profession, growing both as a clinician and as an advocate for the association and the role of the PTA.” 

This is just another way he hopes to work to improve the way we care for patients. If you see Jimmy around Community Outpatient Rehab Center on our Sierra campus, please wish him, “Good Luck!”

Paul D. Smith, PT
Community Regional Medical Center

2 responses to James Pacini, PTA, runs for state post

Great job Jimmy- You rock!!

Great job Jimmy- You rock!!


Way to go jimmy!you have my vote!

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