It’s MRI Safety Week

Employee News & Views Editor: August 01, 20142 Comments

Education and safety were the topics at Community Regional Medical Center’s MRI Safety Training for our employees and first responders from outside agencies who spent a few hours training on Thursday, July 31.
Our educational outreach event was well attended by about 40 attendees from Fresno Fire Department and local law enforcement officers from Fresno Police Department and Fresno County Sheriff's office. We had in-house responders who work around the MRI device, staff from our engineering, facilities, housekeeping and construction vendors who were present.

This event was held as part of MRI Safety Week where we worked to raise awareness of the health and safety hazards associated with our MRI devices. We gave a PowerPoint presentation, shared videos and had a live demonstration of the MRI.

First responders were surprised to learn about some of the hazards with an MRI, such as the MRI is always on 24/7. Everyone that enters the MRI is required to be screened first, for medical devices, tattoos with metallic compounds and metal objects and work tools can become flying projectiles that may damage the MRI and cause serious injuries.

To increase awareness with all our Community Regional staff, we are planning in the near future to provide an MRI Safety HLC that all our non-MRI technology staff will be able to review and learn from. This is just another step we are taking to ensure the safety of our Community Regional staff, visitors and patients.

Written by Camille Boone, CHSP, BSEH
Environmental Safety Officer
Community Regional Medical Center

2 responses to It’s MRI Safety Week

Many people cannot use

Many people cannot use medical devices properly, I had seen that. So this kind of training will help people learn many important things.

tattoos and MRIs

Why don't they ask on the MRI screen sheet if patients have tattoos? and is it before a certain year that tattoos had metal compounds in them that brings about concerns?

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