A how-to for spiritual fitness

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The employees of Community have been waiting with eagerness for the grand opening of the new gym on campus! “Fit for life” the slogan of Community’s Wellness program is a great catch phrase, a way to remind us that we take care of ourselves for  something – for life itself, our own and our family’s and patients and the greater web of life we are all part of.

The Chaplains at Community Regional would like to take advantage of this new year’s  focus on fitness by initiating a series of blogs on ways we can “work out” to become more spiritually fit. Qualities like hope, kindness, calm, perspective, generosity, forgiveness, wisdom and patience are essential for a healthy spirit. They can be cultivated, practiced and lived into, making life richer and deeper.

Here’s an idea for a practice to try to take a first step at becoming more “spiritually fit”: In this time of transition from winter to the beginning of spring in the Valley, try the intentional practice of OBSERVATION. When you are outside, look at the tips of the tree branches so you can watch them gradually begin to soften and swell as new leaves begin to emerge. Notice the temperature and the lengthening of daylight. Look to see what’s reflected in a puddle after the rain showers we welcome at this time of year. Allow your awareness of the natural flow of the seasons to rekindle HOPE within you.

Share what you observed and how it made you feel throughout your day to stop and simply observe.

Lynn Baker, Chaplin
Community Regional Medical Center.

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A how-to for spiritual fitness | Community Medical

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Build your spiritual muscles

When we read and study, there is activation of new neurons in the cerebral hemispheres adding to our mental knowledge database. When you exercise, you burn and decrease your body peripheral storage of adipose tissues thereby building muscles and becoming physically fit. When you read the word of God, you become more spiritually built, as you become more and more spiritual built, you begin to have the mind of your creator and so begin to realize your life purpose, not as defined by you but as defined by God and you begin to understand why you are here. The new you brought about by your spiritual fitness begins to work towards achieving your reasons for being here so that as the end of days draw nearer day by day, you are rest assured to depart here in peace having achieved the reason why you were here in the first place.

Observation- Spiritual Fitness

Chaplain Lynn, Wow- I appreciate your words. Your comparison between physical and spiritual fitness make sense. What did I observe ?? On a recent stressful day, I ate lunch in the outdoor Rose Garden area. I observed puffy gray clouds changing shape and moving across the sky. I observed ( felt) the breeze across my face. I heard the birds singing. All of these observations helped me feel "hopeful." I had seen pain/suffering in the hospital, and I had seen wonderfully caring and tallented staff doing their best to allieviate suffering. My observations of the natural world reminded me that the same power that keeps the universe in order ( for me, this power is God) is still at work. In the midst of suffering, there is hope and joy. Dave

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