How do you body surf through the work waves?

Employee News & Views Editor: April 11, 20146 Comments

Sometimes as health care workers we can feel like we are body surfing in the ocean during a storm. The waves keep coming, there is not time to catch our breath before the next one is here, crashing all around us. There isn't time to regroup, we have to keep going, so we do.

What is the art of not only surviving but thriving in these conditions? Lately, staff have shared some of their strategies. They say:

  •     "I take a break and go outside to the rose garden and feel the fresh air."
  •      "When things are intense at work, I need to sleep more at night."
  •      "I tell myself 'It's OK'."
  •      "I become a treasure hunter for beauty in the midst of the chaos."
  •       "I work hard, then take enough time off for a real rest."

Maybe body surfing really is a good metaphor (remembering of course that all metaphors have their limitations!).There is both skill and art to catching the waves, to flow with the movement instead of being tossed under the churning. It is great exercise for the body and the soul. It can be exhilarating, full of beauty and wonder, never the same ride twice. And of course, after awhile,it is time to get out of the water and take a rest before getting back in!

Chaplain Lynn Baker
Community Regional Medical Center

6 responses to How do you body surf through the work waves?

Surf make me more stronger, a

Surf make me more stronger, a more spiritual person and as the song says Because I'm happy.

Surfing is a challenging

Surfing is a challenging thing and it is deadly to surf through a heavy wave. But if you are skilled then you might enjoy it.

Mind, body, and soul.

I usually sleep in to catch up on my sleep then drive through the country to refresh my mind, body, and soul.

Om and a down dog

I slip away to a noon yoga class to stretch and clear my mind. It works wonders.

Body Surfing the Busy Times

I agree with getting more rest during the stressful times. I also try to thin down the outside pressures of life when work is pressing too hard. For instance, just making less commitments and dates, or wrapping up the nagging home projects to get those things off my mind really helps. Just to get me through the rough work wave of the moment.

i swim, bike, run!!!!!

i swim, bike, run!!!!!

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