Green ideas are creating a healthier community and saving green

Employee News & Views Editor: July 17, 20147 Comments

Community’s employees long committed to our mission of “improving the health of our community” have taken that goal far beyond our hospitals’ walls to work on ways to also improve the health of the environment – which in turn helps us all be healthier. On their own, a group of like-minded, passionate employees formed a Green Team at Community Regional Medical Center, created an organic urban garden out of an unused patio at the hospital, pushed for more recycling in the hospital, and started an annual Earth Day education event to spread their green message.

This year that Community Regional Green Team has expanded to a corporate team and become part of our value analysis, cost savings process. (The value analysis process works to find efficiencies while improving patient care with teams of employee volunteers.) The new Sustainability Value Analysis Team with corporate sponsor Wanda Holderman, our Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital CEO, focuses on reducing waste and finding more environmentally-friendly ways to deliver quality health care. Our employee volunteers know that green ideas also save green.

The mantra of this Sustainability team is “rethink, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.” The team is asking all our employees to look for opportunities to conserve resources like energy, water and paper and to consider the impact or cost of items and activities on human health and the environment.

To encourage more involvement we ran a “Green Ideas” contest that kicked off during Earth Day celebrations. The winning idea for trash reduction came from Elizabeth Vanderlinde, RN, Med-Surg nurse at Community Regional. She offered to educate staff and patients about the benefits of using filtered water in pitchers, instead of bottled water. Her idea will reduce the unnecessary expense and plastic waste associated with bottled water.

Gabriel Rodriguez, a Patient Representative at Clovis Community Medical Center, suggested the winning water conservation idea. He will use his film making and graphic art expertise to make a video and/or pamphlet about ways to conserve water in health care settings. This message is especially important during California's third year of drought.

Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth and Gabriel! Their ideas and efforts will help to make Community a more sustainable place to work – and help us create a healthier community. (Employees be sure to check the Forum for updates on their projects.)

The Sustainability VAT Thanks to everyone who entered the Earth Day contest. You had lots of great ideas! Stay tuned for future opportunities to "green" our workplace and participate in activities from your Sustainability VAT. Together, we are caring for our patients, our community and our planet!

Erin M. Kennedy,
Sr. Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications
Community Medical Centers

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Looks fine

This idea is so fine, I defend naturall when I can like exercice.

The landscape at CRMC is

The landscape at CRMC is beautiful and enjoyed by all of us. There are plans to remove parking spaces and create another green zone to make way for future development. I'm not sure this is appropriate during a severe drought. CRMC is not watering now according to the city rules. There is water going down the gutters and watering is being done on non watering days. Now those rules change to watering only 2 days a week. I am going through the same delima watching my own beautiful home landscape suffer in the dry heat and I'm not able to run sprinklers to give my plants a drink.

water conservation

My daughter has been conserving water for years.. It next to impossable to get her to do the laundry or wash the dishes.

Recycle cans in the Employee garage

Would it be possible to add recycle cans in both the employee and patient garages?

More charging stations for plug-in electric/hybrid vehicles

I am impressed with how many of us drive plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) -- we now need more parking spots in the employee parking garage @ CRMC to be able to charge our EVs! Thanks for supporting green ideas at CMC.

what about encouraging

what about encouraging motorcycle riders to take thier bikes to work, saves gas and two bikes can share a single parking spot, but we don't like being in full sun all day because seats crack and become extremely hot

Green ideas are creating a healthier community and saving green

Very good post. I'm facing some of these issues as well..

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