Getting noticed by GetWell for great outcomes!

Employee News & Views Editor: June 06, 20143 Comments

Community Medical Centers just won two awards at the GetWell Network’s national conference for using this patient-centered technology to enhance care in our hospitals and better engage families and patients in their care. The GetWell Network turns the television in patient rooms into an entertainment and education portal where patients can view video education courses and discharge instructions tailored for them.

At the 6th annual Interactive Patient Care Awards in Chicago on June 5, Community competed against 70 other hospitals. Our three hospitals – Community Regional Medical Center, Clovis Community Medical Center and Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital – use the GetWell Network and our clinical teams worked together on the award entry to earn:

  • The Leadership Award – for having strong leadership engagement to drive interactive patient care and being a true leader in the industry.
  • Overall Achievement Award – the most prestigious award for demonstrating high use of the technology by caregivers and improved patient outcomes.


This is a wonderful recognition for our teams who have worked hard to implement and improve patient outcomes with the GetWell Network system and our nurses who have embraced the technology to improve patient education and engagement! Congratulations!

Mary Contreras RN
Chief Nursing Officer
Community Medical Centers


3 responses to Getting noticed by GetWell for great outcomes!

LOVE the pic!

LOVE the pic!

Get Well Network

I think it's wonderful to have this new technology to educate our patients during their hospital stay. One thing I do not agree with is having to play videos for patients who are unable to comprehend the teaching. I feel it is unfair for RNs who are forced to "play" the medication datasheets for these altered patients and then give the "thumbs up" for those patients who are unable to comprehend the teaching. We are being told to document "altered GCS". We are being told "it's all about the numbers", so the video needs to be played even if the patient cannot benefit from the teaching. I think nurses have enough on their plate without having to do extra documentation in order to "make the numbers."

So proud of our facilities

So proud of our facilities for having such dedicated employees in implementing GWN into our culture! Also for our ever supportive Leaders for helping us through each step of our journey!

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