Dedication that never ends

Employee News & Views Editor: May 06, 20140 Comments

Nurses Leading the Way, is this year's theme for National Nurses Week, which is held May 6-12, every year. The purpose of the week long recognition is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the role nurses play in meeting the health care needs of the American people. 

In 2014, Americans again voted nurses the most trusted profession in America for the 15th time in 16 years in the annual Gallup poll that ranks professions for their honesty and ethical standards.  (The only year nurses were rated number two was in 2001. Firefighters were number one that year after the 9-11 terror attacks.) 

As our Nurses Week Ad in the Fresno Bee states:

With thousands of the world's best nurses across
three hospitals, one thing remains constant--
We work side-by-side with nurses
who devote themselves every day to guiding
our patients and our community to a healthier future.

Here at Community Medical Centers, we honor our nurses who have helped us accomplish great things this past year and look forward to even greater achievements in the future. Our nurses are there for our patients every minute of every day, providing whatever they need during the happy times as well as the tragic times. 

This year, in addition to providing great nursing care to our patients, nurses have been leaders in several key initiatives. Working together with our colleagues, we had successful Joint Commission surveys at all 3 acute-care hospitals, achieved significant savings and improved patient care through our Value Analysis process, improved quality through many performance improvement projects, upgraded our electronic health records system to Epic 2012 and implemented a new Kronos scheduling system in 13 units, where we’re piloting the change. All of these things take time and effort.

It won't slow down in the future—we have more to accomplish in 2014 and beyond. With the Affordable Care Act, there are a lot of unknowns going forward. In addition to staying vigilant to ensure safe, quality care for our patients, Community will rely on our nurses to continue as leaders as we partner with our colleagues to implement ZynxCare, evidence-based multidisciplinary patient care plans, continue optimization of our Epic electronic health record, and continue implementing our Kronos scheduling and OptiLink Patient Classification systems.

If it sounds technical, it is. Today’s nurse is expected to maintain the compassion and hand-on care skills and integrate technology to track and coordinate care with specialists and often with those outside our hospital walls. It’s daunting but our nurses do it day after day.

I am proud and honored to serve as chief nurse for these great women and men — the nurses of Community who are deserving of our community's trust. The future of healthcare in our valley is in good hands.

Mary Contreras, Chief Nursing Officer
Community Medical Centers

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