Creative gift arrives in unison for one grateful NICU family

Employee News & Views Editor: June 28, 20133 Comments

Welcoming back Alex and Stefanie Odaffer to Community Regional Medical Center with their beautiful 19-month-old daughter Emily on May 26 was a special treat for the caregivers in our NICU. Not only did our physicians and staff get to see how far Emily has progressed but the Odaffers did something special in return for our NICU.

Dr. Stephen Elliott with baby Emily and parents Stefanie and Alex Odaffer

Emily’s father Alex organized the “Bumble Bee Motorcycle Run” on Sunday, May 26, to raise funds for the NICU. They wanted to express their gratitude for the outstanding care given to Emily and for essentially, saving her life, said her parents.

The Odaffers chose the bumble bee theme because their daughter achieved milestones that she was not predicted to achieve based on her condition. This reminded her parents of a quote by Mary Kay Ash, “Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.”

A special group of motorcycle riders met at Clawson Motorsports for donuts and coffee the morning of May 26 and in unison rode their bikes on a route through Prather that ended at Community Regional. They collected and donated close to $800.00 – as well as several items for infants and their families in the NICU.  Their gift will be used to provide developmental aids for infants. I can’t thank the Odaffer family enough, as well as other family members and friends who joined the Bumble Bee Motorcycle Run.  We are humbled and greatly appreciative of your time and expressions of gratitude.

Kathy Lieder, Manager of NICU
on behalf of the Community Regional NICU staff, leaders and physicians


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Creative Gift

I'm such a proud mom, mom-in-law and grandma! Emilee has been such a blessing in our family, as have her mommy and daddy! Alex has always been very single-minded when he gets an idea in his head. Stefanie echoes him in so many ways, and they work wonderfully together. So very happy that they have found such a creative and wonderful way to give back to the NICU. Alex was a NICU baby, as was his baby sister. And I couldn't be more grateful to ALL NICU staff for everything they do for our babies! Thank you both for making such a difference and giving back. Your hearts are huge and so full of love!

Wonderful Family, wonderful hospital.

I am friends with the Odaffers, their daughter is a miracle. They always speak highly of the NICU staff. I am so happy that there is a hospital here in Fresno that is so caring and dedicated to the babies of NICU. You really make a big difference in the lives of the families you help. Thank you!


Hi, I was one of the first group to begin the "Cuddler" program there in the newborn nursery; mentored by Joyce Ray (terrific young lady & sooo loving). This was the early 90's & once a week I volunteered to rock, change & cuddle newborns; then graduated to NICU, where I learned to give those precious babies some lovin', & started making small blankies for their isolette, as well as booties, wanting to give their little "home" some cheer. I've since made literally hundreds of booties & blankies, & always pray for the babies as I knit them that they'll grow up to be healthy, happy kids. Many, many precious memories & also many heartbreaking ones, too. Thanks Community for giving me awesome memories of so many loving staff there. Freddie Ream

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