Connect the dots for a healthier you and planet

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 What do bees, a farmers market, coffee grounds, sustainable seafood, healthy food sampling, raisins, reusable grocery totes, and a raffle for a chance to win a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box of organic produce all have in common?

 Connie Young at the Green Team’s 2012 Garden Showcase event with a CSA box of organic produce

Well, besides the fact they all sound either healthy for us or our planet – they are all part of Community Regional’s Green Team Food Day event happening on Thurs., Oct. 24, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the cafeteria and on the atrium located off of the cafeteria. If you’re thinking it all sounds “too healthy” to be a “good time”, just move out of your comfort zone, show up, and see for yourself!  It’s not only going to be a good, fun event, it’s going to be great for you!  In addition to the CSA raffle drawing and the give-a-way of free reusable grocery totes (while supplies last), here’s just a few more reasons why this event will be a good time and great for you:

1) For those wanting to try a new, healthy recipe and learn how to make it:  Chef Ramon will demonstrate the food preparation, serve samples and provide the recipe of a delicious quinoa (keen'-wah) salad. 

 Sara White serving staff at the Farmer’s Market during the 2012 Garden Showcase.

2) If you love local farmers markets or have always wanted to try produce from a farmer’s market (that brings a level of freshness not otherwise attainable – in our opinion):  Then great!  We can’t wait for you see the assortment of fresh, nutritious and affordable produce available this time of year.
3) Have you ever wondered why coffee is presumed to stunt a young person’s growth, yet makes a garden grow like crazy?  While stunting a young person’s growth could very well be an old wives’ tale or an exaggeration, using your leftover coffee grounds in the garden, isn’t!   Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients and offer beneficial growing conditions. Stop by the Composting with Coffee Grounds booth to learn this garden technique.

This event does come just in time before one of the largest holidays of candy consumption and we have for parents, some great healthy treat ideas for Halloween.  If that doesn’t interest you, maybe it’s the discovery of why bees are so important to our food supply and why we should care to protect them?  We promise – its fascinating buzz to learn about!  Or, could it be a splash of seafood sustainability that gets your attention?  If so, come learn about the Seafood Watch app for your smart phone or get a free pocket guide which helps shoppers make good choices when buying seafood.

 Green Team’s water taste-testing at the Earth Day 2011 event: See results on the Community Regional Forum: http://forum/facilities/crmc/Pages/tapwatervbottledwater.aspx.

As you connect the dots to a healthier you and planet, don’t forget to stop by the Green Team’s booth to learn about heart healthy foods, the benefits of becoming a flexitarian and participate in the water taste-test to see if you can taste the difference between bottled and tap water – many of you could not tell the difference the last time we did this test! 

We, the Green Team, with over 20 employee participants from different Community Regional departments and corporate staff, have made it our mission to support Community Medical Centers’ mission to improve the health status of the community by raising employee awareness of the connections between environmental and public health, and to develop cost effective and measurable projects leading to improvements in our collective environmental impact on the community, state and world. 

The Green Team is proud to bring you Food Day, a growing national movement dedicated to promoting healthy, affordable and sustainable food. You can find out more about Food Day at

Written by: Connie Young, Infection Control and Green Team Co-Chair, and Shannon Merritt, Communications Specialist and member of the Green Team

3 responses to Connect the dots for a healthier you and planet

Event time

Most of the time events like the Farmer's Market are held during the day shift (11:00 until 2;00) employees like myself cannot attend because I work on another campus and the only time that I can come over to CRMC would be on my lunch. The driving time and no parking would take up my entire lunch; please,either hold events at each facility or extend the hours, we are always being left out. :(

Event time reply

Hi Lillie, Community Regional's Food Day event is fully driven by an employee group, our Community Regional Green Team, and the event time corresponds to when this group of employees can make it happen. If this is something you're interested in having at your camps, you might reach out to the Green Team and ask for help in getting a similar group of like-minded people going at your work site or in having them travel to your facility to share this kind of thing.

green team food day

WOW! Great article. You have certainly got my attention. Can hardly wait for the event! Community is very proud of you.

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