Community Regional NICU to reunite patients, families and staff

Employee News & Views Editor: September 06, 20134 Comments

The word is out – Community Regional Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is throwing a party to reunite patients, families and staff of the NICU!  It’s also no secret an amazing level of care is delivered to the area’s tiniest, most fragile patients and provided by some of the most amazing doctors and nurses around.  Yet, the strongest and most amazing people we come to know as part of our Community Regional family, are the parents of these babies we have the privilege of treating.

Because we fall in love with our tiny patients and their families, Community Regional is holding its first NICU Reunion on Oct. 26 from 1 to 5 p.m. Whether you are a grown-up NICU “graduate” or have a small graduate at home, we invite your family to join our Community Regional family for a day of fun, games and fellowship. Please join us as we celebrate the incredible accomplishments and growth of your child.

We nurses, doctors, therapists and many other specialty caregivers provide 24/7 care to neonates at the cusp of viability and to newborns that just need a little help transitioning to this big, scary world. These infants will always be their parents’ child but we also attach as we watch them grow daily – and for many, we watch for months. We pour our hearts, souls and knowledge into the survival of these patients to send them off with their families to take on life. We too, marvel at their milestones and take joy in seeing their progress. As they are carried out our door we wave to them and wish the parents the best of luck. Then down the road we often wonder “where are they now”?

In a job where there can be loss and disappointment, we find our greatest fulfillment in the growth and achievements of those we care for. We are very excited to reunite with the infants from our NICU and can’t wait to see what wonderful little people they have become. If you had a baby cared for in our NICU, please consider reuniting with us.

If you have not experienced a child in our NICU, but know someone who has, please forward this information on so they can be a part of our celebration.

We are proud to claim Community Regional’s NICU as the place where “mom and baby stay together.” It’s the Valley’s highest level of specialized care where both mom and baby are taken care of under one roof.  If a mom needs pre-term labor care, this is the place she will want to be.  We offer the only comprehensive perinatology program in the Valley and work closely with women of high-risk pregnancies to provide treatment, counseling and support to help them manage and understand any underlying illnesses that may affect their baby’s growth and development.

Our 84-bed, 20,000 square foot Level III NICU serves one of the busiest birthing centers in California and provides for infants with complex critical care needs, including premature infants and those with a variety of diagnoses. Keeping sick newborns near their families reduces maternal and family anxieties, improves maternal-infant bonding, breast-milk production and availability, and reduces postpartum depression and neonatal morbidities and mortalities.

Now that’s just the short version of how AMAZING this place is!  If you have an amazing NICU story to share, we can’t wait to hear it!  You can also post your story right here by commenting on this blog.

Danielle Hester, RN
Clinical Nurse II-- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Community Regional Medical Center




4 responses to Community Regional NICU to reunite patients, families and staff

Hi everyone does this include

Hi everyone does this include the Clovis nicu too or just Fresno?

Can't wait

Looking forward to seeing all our graduates and their families. Hoping you all will be there--I sure will!

NICU reunion

We would love to come. Our twin girls just turned three and they are doing so well!!


I am so excited to bring my son back to where he began his life...My family and I will be there. Joshua is 23 years old now. Thank you NICU for giving him and us the tools needed to help him excel.

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