Coming soon to Community Regional’s cafeteria

Employee News & Views Editor: April 10, 20139 Comments

Community Regional Medical Center’s Subway will be open for service by the end of April. Due to all the built up excitement and eagerness for the official opening, we’re pleased to update you on our plans and progress.

If you’ve dined in the cafeteria recently, you’ve no doubt noticed the construction, endured the jack hammer on occasion and have definitely seen other dining and menu changes. We’ve been busy getting our dining area and kitchen ready to make room for Subway.

What you don’t see behind the plastic curtain right now are all the final touches being done – major equipment, ovens, serving stations and toasters being installed. We anticipate the required inspections will be completed within the next two to three weeks. And barring any issues with, Subway should be open for business by the end of this month.

So, as the Sandwich Artists are enjoying their in-depth Subway training in anticipation of serving their very first customers, department and operational leaders also are busy working to make the opening a reality – hoping to satisfy our staff with 24 hour-a-day service that will feature most of the offerings you find at your local Subway restaurant to include breakfast service, soups, salads, hot and cold sandwiches and most Subway advertised promotions.

We hope the addition of Subway to our existing dining venues will provide our staff and visitors with a dining service program that meets everyone’s needs and tastes for not only healthy food, but for great food, great service and great value.

Stay tuned for another update on the official opening date! 

Crystal Lucas MS RD
Interim Director of Food & Nutrition Services

9 responses to Coming soon to Community Regional’s cafeteria

Brooke Castro

This will be a perct job opportunity for me and many others! I'm very excited. I will be filling out the SUBWAY application in just a few hours

Subway Opening

Do you have a date on when the Subway shop will be opened?

Job opportunity

How does someone apply for a position in the Subway thats opening soon.

Anyone can come to the

Anyone can come to the Cafeteria and get an application from a Cashier on Tuesday's and Thursday's from the hours of 9:00am to 11:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

I was wondering if the

I was wondering if the "sandwich artists" are going to be newly hired men and women or are they going to be the current staff working the kitchen right now. I am asking because there are certain kitchen employees that do not treat all customers fairly.

We have hired multiple new

We have hired multiple new Sandwich Artists. We do have a few Foodservice staff members that are transitioning to the Subway staff. Most of those employees were working in Patient Services.

Yeah for CRMC and Subway!

Get ready for the crowds!


Looking forward to the opening of the CRMC Subway. Just wondering if they will be taking the Subway gift cards that can be purchased anyplace or if they will have their own version of the gift cards. Will the Outtakes gift cards be good there and can we use out badge scan?


We are able to honor Subway gift cards when we open. Unfortunately, we cannot honor the Outtakes gift cards as these are very different systems. Staff can scan their badges to pay for purchases.

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