Celebrate our Neurodiagnostic Professionals April 21 – 25

Employee News & Views Editor: April 21, 20142 Comments

As we celebrate National Neurodiagnostic Professionals Week, I would like to offer special acknowledgement and thanks to all of our neurodiagnostic professionals for their contributions to Community Regional Medical Center. They are an instrumental part of our mission to ensure the health of our community, not only in their day-to-day practice, but through advocacy, education and research.

Loveneet Singh, MD,
and Susan O’Connell, Lead Neurodiagnostic Technician 

Neurodiagnostics is the practice of analyzing and monitoring central and peripheral nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases, injury and impairment through noninvasive neurological tests and use of a variety of electroneruodiagnostic equipment to perform these tests, like the electroencephalogram or EEG machine, which monitors and records brain patterns and used to conduct nerve conduction studies.

This nationally designated week has special focus on Neurodiagnostic Technologists. Our neurodiagnostic technologists are valuable team members who play a large role in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of neurological conditions, including epilepsy, unexplained coma tumors, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. They also contribute to surgical treatment by monitoring the central and peripheral nervous system during high risk procedures. The nature of this work is highly specialized and requires formal training, and individuals who are extremely detail-oriented.

We are proud of the work of our entire neuroscience staff and also want to recognize and celebrate our specialized teams of neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists and radiologists for their leadership and work they have done.  Community Regional’s Neuroscience Institute is one of the most advanced neuroscience centers in the state thanks to their work and partnerships.  As a training site for the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program in affiliation with UCSF School of Medicine, the center continues to earn “Center of Excellence” status – a special distinction awarded for our hospital’s innovative and advanced treatments and therapies for all diseases and disorders of the nervous system. This work could not be possible without the work of our specialized teams leading the way.

Please join me in recognizing our neurodiagnostic professionals and specialized teams for their work and contributions to our excellence.

Andrew Meade
Neuroscience Administrator
Community Regional Medical Center

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