Being awake

Employee News & Views Editor: May 02, 20142 Comments

When we were in driver's education class, we were taught to always keep alert, to look ahead at where we were going and to regularly check our side and rear view mirrors. Each field of vision is necessary so that we drive where we need to go, and avoid crashes with other drivers.

Being alert is akin to being awake, a spiritual practice as well as a practical one, referred to in most of the world's great religions. In driving and in our personal and professional lives, being awake is essential.

How awake am I? How aware am I of what is going on in and around me? Do I have a personal and career sense of direction? Am I aware of "other drivers?" Am I truly safe and courteous as we share the road in our work together? Am I vigilant for the more vulnerable on the road, the "pedestrians" and "bikers" who have as much as right to be here as I do?

What helps me (and you) to be awake to life?

Asking ourselves these questions can help "wake us up" in areas of our lives where we may have drifted into sleep.

Lynn Baker, Chaplain
Community Regional Medical Center


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I loved this this is just

I loved this. This is just what i was talking to my daughter about not loosing focus on our goals & dreams! Thank you again Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an eyes opener question.

What an eyes opener question. Thank you!

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