Are you ready?

Employee News & Views Editor: May 24, 20121 Comments

We have all seen pictures of devastating wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes and we sit watching the victims sifting through the remains of their destroyed homes. The one thing they have in common is they are searching for valuable items that have been swept away or buried in the ruins. The items they are looking for are usually family treasures, pictures, insurance papers, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.

Are you ready? Do you have all the documents you would need to start your life over again located in a secure spot? In case of any emergency or disaster you should be able to leave your home within minutes with everything you need to rebuild your life.

Stop procrastinating and begin gathering all of your personal and legal documents. Now that you have all of your items, place them is a folder or consider scanning them onto a password protected flash or thumb drive and place it in your “go pack”.

I have placed all of my original documents in a large safe in another location, I am in the process of scanning all of the documents on to a thumb drive. I am also taking pictures/video of all of my valuables and securing them with receipts of purchase. Scanning all of the family photos is a process but really worth it as they can not be replaced. Once my project is complete, I am sending copies to other family members including some out of state should everything be destroyed here.

A good example of why it is important to have all of your personal and legal documents in one place is; when both of my parents died, my brother and I had a terrible time trying to find and collect their personal and legal documents. It made a stressful time more difficult as the documents were not in one spot. My parents never shared the location of these documents while they were alive. So plan ahead and secure all the documents keeping them accessible should you need them in a moment’s notice.

Evelyn Burruss, RN, PHN, MSN, CNS

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Thanks for detailed

Thanks for detailed preparedness tips. I appreciate.

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