Appreciation during Food Service Workers Week -- Sept. 30-Oct. 6

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It is my honor and privilege to be a part of such a fabulous team of chefs, catering associates, cooks, cashiers, dishwashers, dining on-call operators and room service attendants, managers and supervisors at Community Regional Medical Center’s Food and Nutrition department – which includes staff of the cafeteria (Pistachio’s Café), Outtakes Coffee and Gifts, and Subway.  Together, these folks make up approximately 190 full-time employees with an essential operation of about 100 employees keeping us running every day.

Chef Ramon Vega with production staff.  CLICK to view more fun photos on Community Regional Medical Center’s Facebook page.  

I sincerely appreciate all our staff for what they do and the great strides we’ve made over a year of challenges and change.  Not only do we provide our patients with a culinary experience, we are an integral part in their healing process and we could not accomplish this without the assistance and coordinating efforts of the entire Community Regional staff.  So, thank you Community Regional family and a special thank you to all food service workers for their hard work and contribution to our hospital, patients and staff. What a great place to work! CLICK to view more fun photos on Community Regional Medical Center’s Facebook page. 

Fun Community Regional Food Service Facts:
  1. Number one Subway sandwich: Turkey! Great news – since it’s the healthiest choice!
  2. Number one seller in Outtakes:  Frios!  We’ve served 13,705 Frios since Jan. 1
  3. Number two seller in Outtakes:  Small Peet’s coffee!  We’ve served 13,252 since  Jan. 1.
  4. Number one seller in Pistachio’s Café:  Bacon!  We’ve sold 57,565 pieces since Jan. 1.
  5. Number two seller in Pistachio’s Café:  Salad bar!  We’ve sold 43,672 salad bar salads since Jan. 1.
  6. Total number of meals served in 2011-2012: 1,975,772!  AND We’ve served a total of 745,405 meals to patients and served 1,230,367 nonpatient meals. WHEW!


Crystal Lucas, MS, RD
Interim Director of Food & Nutrition Services

4 responses to Appreciation during Food Service Workers Week -- Sept. 30-Oct. 6

Appreciation is a thing which

Appreciation is a thing which would motivate staff to work efficiently and increase productivity.

You all do such a great job!!

WE love the food services staff, always have good choices, smiling faces, caterisng and special events. Thanks for keeping us all fed!

Thank You

Very please with the food services we have here in our CRMC hospital, from the vast variety of options to the people that make it happened. Thank you Very much, and my wife says thank you as well.

What a great team!!!

What a great team!!!

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