Appreciating Quality Management

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It is National Healthcare Quality Week (Oct. 20-26) and we not only want to recognize our quality management team for their good work, but thank all staff for their contributions in ensuring high quality care on their units and throughout the organization.  It takes a lot of dedication to achieve results of excellence and to “always” satisfy and create the ideal patient experience. We would like to take a few minutes to share with you just what quality management means to Community Medical Centers.   

Quality Management Team
Back Row (L to R): Nadine Hensley, Jo Gehringer, Nancy Schuster-Artis, Denette Moon, Eugnia Walker
Front Row (L to R): Kelly Quiles, Jessica Hernandez-Reith, Camille Quilon, Amy Royston, Shawna Payseno

(Not pictured: Jeff Logan, Linda Ewy, Heather Rodriquez)

Now, if you’re asking, “who or what is quality management”, you know them well.  They’re the “hall monitors” in white coats that come around your unit to tell you what you need to fix or improve.  They walk around asking goofy questions that make you want to run and hide. Well, you may want to dodge them from time-to-time, but at the end of the day, they really are your friends – looking out for you, our hospitals and most importantly our patients to ensure efficient, best practice delivery of accessible, high-quality safe healthcare services. 

The quality management team is proud of supporting front line staff in seeing how the things we do every day are the measures of quality.  Such things like:  helping a physician document in the electronic health record so that we get credit for the great work our hospitals do, or by helping leadership guide the organization to improve patient care through quality data, are just a couple ways we look out for you.

To drive quality in our organization we must have the right culture, the right people and the right tools.  Those are the things that inspire us to commit to the task of driving quality, but we all must commit ourselves to the following quality goals:

  1. Patient Safety 1st
  2. Patient Satisfaction
  3. Continuous Quality Improvement

To achieve those quality goals there are a few more “rights” that go along with defining quality healthcare. Since we cannot read you the rights, we will outline the rights for you:

  1. Do the Right Thing
    • Provide care based on individual patient needs
    • Report and/or take action on unsafe conditions
  2. At the Right Time
    • Provide timely effective patient care services
      • No delays!
  3. The Right Way
    • Provide evidence based care
    • Follow policies & procedures
  4. With the Right Balance
    • Avoid overuse/underuse
    • Eliminate misuse
  5. For the Best Result
    • Achieve the best possible outcome


Quality truly is a perception that is based on an individual’s value system and does rely heavily on the culture, life experiences, and expectations of each individual.  It can be said that each patient redefines quality based on their own experiences, however, anyone can and will recognize quality. We know it when we see it! 

Thank you for the special attention to quality this week and for your relentless effort in providing our patients the very quality experience you would want for yourself and your family.  We are all here to serve the community!

Your Quality Leadership Team,
Jeff Logan, MPH, CPHQ,  Director of Quality Management, Clovis Community
Jo Gehringer, RN,  Director of Quality Management, Community Regional
Heather Rodriquez, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Fresno Heart and Surgical

2 responses to Appreciating Quality Management

Behind the scenes heroes!

Although you work in ways that many do not understand and some do not appreciate, I know how hard you work and how important that work is! You have to be tenacious and have incredible integrity to do what you do and I appreciate your team. You are integral to the success of CMC. Thank you, thank you!

Thanks for all you do!

Thanks for all you do to help us improve and make CMC the best place for healthcare in the Valley! Peg Breen

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