YouTube and Starbucks shut down!

Wanda Holderman: February 28, 20080 Comments

YouTube service was disrupted on 2/24/08....this apparently was an effort by a foreign government to block access to some video clips they did not agree with. The government's telecommunications authority regulator of that nation's telecom, ordered the internet service providers to block access to a SPECIFIC YouTube video. But in a bizarre twist, the government's efforts to block the clip wound up affecting YouTube users world-wide. Apparently the instuctions sent out were only meant to apply to traffic in that country, but because of errors in the routers, the message replicated on the Internet globally and it affected other Internet service providers! Technical experts say this type of problem is rare. And good news: this event does not have the ability to block individual URLs, just web sites.

On another note, Starbucks shops shut down nation-wide on Tuesday night for staff training so we can all have a better experience when we patronize a was three hours of agony for coffee commanders and disrupted life as we know it! I already thought they did a pretty darn good job! Oh well, now I can expect perfection.

Oh well, goes to show it's a small world afterall, and our actions do impact many more than we can imagine. Let's keep that in mind on an encouraging note when we're making decisions, debating policies, and serving our customers...let's strive to make a memorable and positive experience.