You May Have Nomophobia...

Wanda Holderman: June 15, 20122 Comments

...I think I do.

It's when you have a fear of not having a mobile-phone. I experience this periodically and get down-right anxious and stressed-out if I've left my cell phone and/or I can't access it...I know, it's ridiculous! It's become a digital addiction and oddly enough, instills comfort when I have it.

Oh no, what if they put this in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders"?!? Will it be code #911?

What did I do before cell phones? I didn't die, I was content, I managed, and I actually could experience a bit of downtime and catch a respite when I was away from the job setting...ahhhhh, sometimes I long for the good 'ole days. But then I get a slap on the cheek to wake up to the hair-on-fire, always connected, web-access, constant notification, text-mania world.

Yep, I have a serious dependence on the thing, and seriously am thankful for it's robust functionality. I am going to try to rule it though, and not the other way around.


2 responses to You May Have Nomophobia...

I agree

I do agree. It's suprising how many people I speak to everyday that need to "call me back" with their loved ones phone number because it's in their cell phones. What would happen if we got stranded with no cell phone service? I think our society, just in the last 10-15 years, has gotten too addicted to the technology that is placed upon us.

I think now on these days we

I think now on these days we are all experiencing this phobia. Everything is on your phone and seems like you can not get away from it. The minute I can't find my phone, I start to feel like if I am out of breath, OMG!!I am missing something so essencial!!!I better find it quickly beacause I could miss a message or an email. Always conected with work, no wonder why lately we are so busy and time just flies out of our hands. Never enough time for a little breather, instead of that...let me check my phone :-) I am glad we have these new smart phones but we are truly becoming too dependent on technology.

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