The Year 2036...No Worries, We'll be Okay I Guess

Wanda Holderman: January 18, 20131 Comments

I read an article about concerns of an asteroid 350 yards wide hitting the Earth in 2036...but no fear, NASA scientists have projected that based on a flyby recently of asteoid Apophis, that we're going to be came as "close" as 9 million miles away this time.
It was originally discovered in 2004 and the experts have calculated that it will come as close as 19,400 miles away in 2029...maybe someone can land on it and take a ride! The chances of it actually hitting the Earth will be about 1 in 1 million they say...better chance of winning the lottery I suppose.
It's curious how I manage to borrow trouble from tomorrow and worry about things that are likely not to happen, but I get myself worked up anyway. Just yesterday, I was trying to encourage someone who was really stressed out about some things that were really out of their control and found myself trying to take my own advice based on some current happenings.
I enjoy singing and there is a song I have shared with these lyrics towards the end: " if there's anything I've learned from this journey I've been on, simple truths will keep you going, simple love will keep you strong....'cause there are questions without answers, and flames that never die, and heartaches we go through are often blessings in disguise..."
So please don't fear an asteroid, or anything else that seems to be coming right at strong and of good courage, take time to laugh out loud, and by all means, eat dessert first!

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Hi Wanda,Great story and oh!

Hi Wanda, Great story and oh! so true about life. Love the dessert first! Your words of encouragement are appreciated. God Bless, Pat

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