What Can You do in 60 seconds?

Wanda Holderman: July 13, 20120 Comments

It seems like with our "hair on fire" pace, we are becoming experts at multi-tasking. We try to pack as much as we can into every moment of our lives.

So what "could" happen in 60 seconds? Here's some Information technology/online activity trivia that I thought was fascinating:

Every minute, there are 710 computers purchased, 168 million emails sent, 1400 "redbox" movie discs rented, 950 "e-bay" purchases, 11 "XBOX"  consoles sold,  38 tons of e-waste created, 4,000 USB devices obtained, 11 million conversations on "instant messaging", $219,000 of total payments on "paypal", 2,500 ink cartridges sold, and 81 ipads/925 iphones sold.

Whoa, and that's just a snippet of one industry! Can you imagine or trying to fathom what happens in the same 60 seconds universe-wide? Imagination overload!

On a more serious note, a lot can happen in 60 seconds in healthcare...for the good, and unfortunately, for an untoward outcome.

I know sometimes the pace of what you do becomes accelerated with the throttle at full speed. Sometimes this is warranted, quick decisions need to be made and urgent interventions must be executed. Take a "second" at least to verify, double-check, and holler for help when needed. You don't want to experience any regrets or have a hurried action turn into a liability.

On a lighter note, how many hot dogs can you eat in 60 seconds? Yikes, I think I'll just "imagine" how many I could versus actually testing it out!

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